Bad Phase for Digg?

Digg seems to be going through a bad phase these days due to some reasons and the most recent departure of its CEO Jay Adelson has added to its long list of woes. The 39 year old Jay Adelson has decided to call it a day with Digg and is looking ahead for other better prospects. Jay Adelson have played an integral part in making Digg one of the most popular and efficient social news sites and his absense is sure to make some negative impact on Digg.
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5 Digg Tools That I Cannot Live Without!!

Managing and tracking your Digg account and its activities manually is not an easy task, particularly if your are an active Digg and have a strong Digg profile. There are a large number of tools which helps to track and manage your Digg profile and I have also tried a lot of them. But there are 5 top Digg tools which I have found more useful and much easier to use.
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Factors Determining Digg’s Upcoming Hot Section

Digg is the most active and hottest social media site around which is used for sharing online content, by link submissions, voting, commenting etc.  Rather than calling it a social media site, it is better to call it as a social news site. I have already mentioned about Digg, managing your Digg profile, tips for submitting contents to Digg etc in my earlier posts.

In this section I would like to write something about the factors that influences the stories in Digg’s upcoming hot section. Before that you need to know something about the upcoming section in Digg. The upcoming section is that part where the stories are stacked before being popped out into the front page. There are mainly 3 types of upcoming section which are the recommendation section (based on your profile), upcoming most section(links having most Diggs) and upcoming hot section (the hottest link in upcoming section).

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10 Tips for submitting content to Digg

Digg is one of the most prolific social book marking site, which helps in generating traffic to any website. People submit content, images and video to Digg and the best stuff will be voted by other users and would be promoted to the front page, which in turn generates huge traffic to the site where the content, image or video is hosted.

There are various factors to consider and check while submitting something to Digg. These factors plays a major role in deciding the fate of the content, which is being submitted. If these factors are positive the chances for a content, image or video to pop out onto the front page is high. Here we would be discussing some major things that we should take care while submitting content into Digg.

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8 Basic Steps For a Better Digg Profile

In my earlier post on Digg, I had given a brief introduction on Digg. That was just for the beginners who needed to know something about this social book marking news site. In this post I would like to brief, how to be an active Digg user.

1) Create a Profile
If you would like to be a part of the Digg community, the first thing that you should do is to create your own profile with Digg. Try to create a unique and catchy username, so that we it would be remembered by other Digg users. Upload a profile picture and also add a small bio through which people would be able to understand something about your interests.

2) Start Reading
Start reading the news and articles on the front page  as well as the upcoming section of Digg. You can see a lot of interesting and amazing news, facts, images, videos etc which might be interesting to you.

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5 Social Bookmarking Sites that Drives Huge Traffic to a Website

Social  Bookmarking sites allows you to bookmark your favorite websites / web pages and access it from anywhere in the world. Social Bookmarking sites are the best sources to get traffic to your site, provided used in the proper way. A lot of social bookmarking sites have surfaced since last few years and all these book marking sites are used in order to get adequate traffic to websites. Social Bookmarking also serves as a good resource for getting back links and these sites are regularly indexed by search engines. Among all the social bookmarking websites available, there are some sites which send enormous traffic to your site. As per my experience, I would like to list the top 5 social bookmarking sites that have send traffic to my websites all along. The listing is in the order of the amount of traffic generated.

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Digg – A Beginner’s Guide to Digg

This posting is for those who are new to Digg, the King in social media site, or those who wish to know more about Digg and its functions.

Digg is among the top social bookmarking sites around and is known for its popularity and the amount of traffic it brings to a site. Digg is mainly used to submit and promote sensational news, articles, blog postings, videos, images etc which creates some sort of wave among the users. Digg is one of the most used social media sites, and is one of the best social media sites to drive traffic from, if used in the proper way. Digg was started back in 2004 by Kevin Rose, Owen Byrne, Ron Gorodetzky, and Jay Adelson. Many other social media sites today has drawn inspiration from Digg. [Read more…]

Now You Will not Miss Your Friend’s Digg Submission…….

Digg is one of the most popular social media site and is mainly based on social bookmarking. This is generally a social media site for news and other interesting stuff, where the best articles and news gets more votes and enter the popular page of Digg. Once it enters the popular page it would stay there for a few days depending on the quality and popularity of the articles. An article or news on the front page of Digg is sure to get enourmous traffic till it stays there.

Earlier there was an option to share your news or article with your network in Digg, but a few weeks back Digg removed the sharing / shouting option. Now you have to promote it via Twitter or Facebook, for which you need to have a good network in both Twitter and Facebook. The problem now is that you are not able to recieve your friends submissions or share via your Digg account. Instead you have to search Twitter or Facebook for that and with this you wont be able to see most of your friends articles who are not active on Twitter or Facebook.
Sub DiggerFew days back I found a tool named Sub Digger Plus, which helps in keeping track of your friend’s submissions and also saves a lot of time.
This tool has a lot of facilities and would surely prove to be a much useful Digg tool. The tool is easy to use and you just need to enter your Digg user name into the box provided and you would be getting your friend’s submissions for the last 24 hours. You would be able to view your friend’s submission one at a time, and to view the next submission you have to click the next button provided at the bottom. You can also get the complete Diggs in last 24 hours listed in a single page by clicking the List View button. You can also easily mark the stories as read or unread.

The tools shows the original page or article submitted to Digg along with the Digg toolbar, which shows you username of the submitter, his avatar, title, url etc. With the List view option, you can also filter and sort the complete submission list. The Sub Digger Plus tool bar is compatible with the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Hope ths tool makes your Digg campaign a successful one and lets also hope that Digg would not penalize or ban us from using this much useful tool….


5 Social Media Sites that I Use

Social Media sites have become an integral part of online marketing and has made the online marketing process and traffic generation much more easier. Social Media sites includes social networking and social bookmarking sites, which are mainly based on Web 2.0 technologies. To have an excellent social media profile one must be hard working and would be willing to spare time on these sites, growing the network, reading and appreciating others stuffs. In social media sites, you are able to interact with the other users through sharing and participation. I am also a Social Media addict and is a member of various Social MEdia Sites. Here I would like to share a few Social Media sites that I find more important.

DiggDigg is the most popular social bookmarking site where you are able to post interesting articles from the net. If the articles of news that you are posting is of great interest, it would be getting more votes. Once it gets a certain amount of vote (Diggs) in a particular period of time, you post would get into the most popular pages. Once you post gets on to the most popular pages, the site which contains the submitted article or news is bound to get a huge amount of traffic. Since Digg is too sensitive avoid doing spammy stuff and creating multiple accounts from the same domain, as your Digg account, your IP adress and even your website may get banned from Digg.

2) StumbleUpon
StumbleuponStumbleUpon is another interesting social media sites, where you are able to submit interesting articles and get traffic based on the interest it generates among the other users. In Stumbleupon your post can get an upvote (Thumbs up) or a down vote (Thumbs Down) based on its quality. In StumbleUpon also you have to maintain a good network which contains users of similar interest as you. You can also Join certain groups, which suites your interest and requirements. StumbleUpon is said to derive quality traffic with lower bounce rate and is very popular among social media enthusiasts.

TwitterTwitter is another famous social media site which is growing at a rapid pace. Twitter is actually a microblogging social media site, where you can share your stuffs with a character length which is limited to 140. Twitter has emerged as a powerful social media tool and is also know for generating high quality traffic. More and more users are registering for Twitter and many companies and Organization has found Twitter as an effective tool for marketing and lead generation.

MixxAnother social bookmarking site, which is based on voting up / voting down, some what similar to Digg.  Even though not as popular as Digg, it is soon carving a niche for itself in the social media world. It also has the popular section, where an article / news is displayed after it has attained a certain number of votes and user comments. Mixx has the options of creating and joining groups and communities, which helps in getting votes and traffic. This site also derives quality traffic to the site, but requires constant work and participation to build a reputable profile.

TwineTwine is the latest Social Media site that I have started using and have found it to be extremely good for quality traffic generation. Twine also requires you to build a good network and regular participation to stay afloat in the competition. If you have a good network you would be able to share and bookmark good stuffs among your network. In Twine you have the facility to create and Join groups, which would prove to be a major source of traffic generation.