Factors Determining Digg’s Upcoming Hot Section

Digg is the most active and hottest social media site around which is used for sharing online content, by link submissions, voting, commenting etc.  Rather than calling it a social media site, it is better to call it as a social news site. I have already mentioned about Digg, managing your Digg profile, tips for submitting contents to Digg etc in my earlier posts.

In this section I would like to write something about the factors that influences the stories in Digg’s upcoming hot section. Before that you need to know something about the upcoming section in Digg. The upcoming section is that part where the stories are stacked before being popped out into the front page. There are mainly 3 types of upcoming section which are the recommendation section (based on your profile), upcoming most section(links having most Diggs) and upcoming hot section (the hottest link in upcoming section).

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