8 Reasons Why Your Article Marketing Campaign is a Flop

Article marketing is one of the best online marketing strategies to promote your business to a wider range of audience and also to get some good traffic to your website. There are a lot of article directories that helps you to submit and promote articles as a part of your article marketing activities. Article marketing helps you in making your content get a wider exposure along with more traffic and improved search engine rankings.

Article marketing is a vital part of any SEO campaign and these days with the Panda and Penguin updates, article marketing has really changed the way it performs. Few months back, article marketing was considered as  a spammny way of creating an article, submitting it to a number of free article directories, placing a link to your website with your major keywords as the anchor text and ultimately waiting for the keyword rankings to soar high. [Read more…]

5 Features Required for Quality Article Writing

Article marketing is one of the most popular ways of link building and is an essential part of an SEO project. Since article marketing can help you in getting backlinks and traffic to your site, you need to be careful while writing articles for your online marketing purposes. There are thousands of new articles popping out on the net every day and majority of them are of less value due to their low quality. If an article is not having any quality or does not offer anything to the reader, then these articles are of no use.

So if you want to reap the benefits of your article marketing campaign, then you need to make sure that the articles that you are creating meets certain standards so that it stands apart from other ordinary articles.  Here are 5 features that are required for bringing quality to your articles so that you don’t miss out on the potential benefits that you get from these articles.
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How Article Marketing Can improve Your SEO Campaigns

Article Marketing is one of the best off page optimization techniques for any website. If done in the proper way article marketing is surely going to help you in your SEO campaigns in the long run. Article marketing is not a rocket science, but a simple process which includes writing articles related to your website’s services or products and publishing them in free article directories.

There are a large number of free article directories, but rather than going to each of those article directories and submitting your content I would suggest to stick with only the best article directories available. For example we can take the top 10 article directories to submit our articles and these top 10 article directories are selected based on certain criteria such as its page rank, its popularity, its approval rate etc.

Article Marketing can really enhance your SEO campaigns and here are some ways through which your SEO activities are benefited by article marketing.
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Article Marketing – Tips and Advantages

Articles submissions are one of the best and most ethical part of offpage optimization. It strengthens your website and also sends good traffic to your website. The strengthening of websites is made by generating quality back links to your site and is considered as one of the best off page optimization techniques. Such article marketing stuffs are one of the most cheapest way to advertise your website, if done in the proper way.

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