Don’t die for SEO only, think to update the content

For the success of the website in the search engine listing, SEO is not everything. Because, only SEO alone can give your website a boost to get the top place in the search engine ranking. In this case, you have to update your website content on a regular basis. The reason is that Google only like to index the fresh content frequently. When you are updating your content with a new one so that it presumes you are using the new keyword. Therefore, when you are updating your website content, you should remember some criteria for the quality content.

Always, remember that the content should be unique in terms of the quality. Only unique content will be quickly indexed on the search engine ranking. Therefore, you must remember that the content should not be a clone from other content. It must be original.

The website content should be fresh and current. Therefore, only the current and updated content will attract the visitors on the website. It is better to create the content on the current trends. Therefore, it will be more acceptable to the search engine and the visitors as well. The search engine never likes to see a content, which was based on the yesterday trends. Sometime, if you keep your eyes open on the visitors’ behavior on your website, then you will feel that when the new content will require to upload on the website.

The length of the content makes a big difference in the search engine ranking. The reason is that the search engine only accepts the content, which has a default 250 words parameter for indexing. Always try to stick at this point. Any excessive more than it will not be accepted. Moreover, the default 250 words parameter will smooth the process
for the ranking listing on the search engine. It is a rule that every 1 image per 300 words should be in the content.

The quality of the content is very much important for the search engine ranking. Moreover, the poor quality content will never work for your website. So, always try to write quality content so that the visitors can make repeated visits to your website. It is your responsibility to make your visitors up to date and well informed.

Always, remember that do not stuff the keywords everywhere on the website. If you do so then, the search engine will not respond to your trying. So, keep the keyword stuffing under control and always try to use it in a wise manner.

The content of your website should be optimized well according to the search engine parameter. If the content is over optimized, then it will not work on the search engine ranking list. The over optimized content will never pay you anything rather it will degrade your reputation on the internet community. Nowadays, Google follows the
principles of Content first, keyword second. Therefore, you should always try to keep your content standard high.

Therefore, the SEO is not everything for a website rather the content is an important component of the search engine listing.

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  1. Ross says

    yes i would have to say that google is now not playing any more games! they want good content and if you dont have it your done!

  2. Arun says

    Nice article! Many people spending time mostly on SEO rather than thinking of the quality of the content they need to provide to attract and make visitors to return back to their website.

    Nice article! :)

  3. sravan says

    Therefore, the SEO is not everything for a website rather the content is an important component of the search engine listing…….very good lines and it is a fact one or the other day seo is going to die…

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