Check the Originality of Your Content Before Making it Live

Content is one of the most vital part of a website and has a major influence in determining the search visibility and overall popularity of a particular website. Your content clearly determines the success of your website and hence the content of your website should be perfect,  relevant and reflect the nature of your business. These days most webmasters pays importance to the content of the website and make sure that the content is up to the mark.
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Use Google’s Parameter Handling to Avoid Duplicate Content Issues

While developing or working with a dynamic site all of use might have come across the problem of duplicate content in one or other way. This case arises mainly with dynamic sites such as shopping cart or similar sites. In these kind of sites there would always be different URLs with the same content or product details. The URLs in these case will be different with either session IDs or other parameters. But such a situation will result in creating a confusing situation for Google on which URL to ignore and which one to be considered as the original one.

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Tips for Blog Content Syndication

Content syndication is the process of publishing the content of your website on other websites( partially or fully). Content syndication can be automated syndication as well as manual. A best example for automated syndication is the syndication of content or snippets through RSS feeds or similar application. In manual syndication you place the content of your website / blog on other websites manually. [Read more…]