Google to Tighten its Stance Against Selling of Links

Google has always been against the idea of passing PageRank by selling links and has always indicated that such a practice was not at all good for the website in the long run. Google has indeed stated that selling links and thereby passing PageRank totally violates their quality guidelines. Most of the webmasters have the habit of implying the idea of selling or buying links hoping to pass PageRank and get better search engine rankings.

Google seems to be fed-up about this practice and has finally decided to halt such practices. It has started penalizing hard those websites which are indulged in selling or buying links and thereby passing PageRank. Such unnatural links really harms the readability and purpose of the website and its content. We can see a plenty of websites around which has links that are not at all related to the theme of a particular webpage or content. Such links are a good example of link spamming and such practice will no more work as Google has tightened its campaign on penalizing websites that sells links. [Read more…]

Google Webmaster Verification Plugin for Hosted WordPress Blogs

With the launch of the new Google Webmaster Tool verification plugin for hosted WordPress blogs, it has become easier to verify your blog with Google Webmaster tool and that too in a couple of clicks. With this new Webmaster verification plugin, you don’t need to copy paste tokens anymore and new plugin itself calls the Google Webmaster Site verification API to enable the automation of the entire process.
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How Google Webmaster Tool Help You in Analyzing Your Site

Google Webmaster tool is one of the best and free tool provided by Google for assessing your website and its performance. It is used by the majority of webmasters and it helps a lot while doing and search engine optimization campaign for any website. Getting your website registered with Google Webmaster tool is simple and you just need to verify it by uploading a file to the root of your website.

The benefits of using a Google Webmaster Tool are many, but I have listed some of the important uses of using this amazing tool.
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New SiteNotice Messages by Google To Inform About Crawl Errors

It is always important to get Googlebot crawl your site on  a regular basis for better search engine visibility and ranking. When a Googlebot crawls our site it is quite natural for it to get responses such as 200, 404 etc. The crawl details for your site can be seen through your Google Webmasters account’s Crawl error section and subsequently you can fix any crawl errors that is show in the Google Webmasters tool.
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