Google Publishes the New Guide for JavaScript SEO Basics

Google has recently published a new developer guide that helps you to get more information about the basics of JavaScript SEO.

Google’s Martin Splitt and Lizzi Harvey wrote the guide for JavaScript SEO basics. Martin Splitt has become an expert on JavaScript SEO, and have recently produced a video series on the same.

The guide on JavaScript SEO Basics contains over much of what was covered in his video series and it mainly focuses on getting the JavaScript content indexed by Google.

As stated above, it covers just the basic and there is nothing more basic to SEO than getting your content indexed by Google. [Read more…]

How SEO & MLM Services are Linked to Each Other

The moment you master any marketing technique, the internet pattern changes and you need to modify the content. If you are amongst the lot who has encountered this problem, you will have to live by the realization that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works in this way only.

Since the evolution of SEO, several techniques have come up that have search engine optimization as their core ethic. One of the most relevant of these is keyword and sufficient attention should be paid to this aspect. [Read more…]

SEO: Things to know how Search Engines Evaluating Links

Search Engine Optimization is a system to help search engines discover and grade a particular site advanced than the supplementary sites in reply to a explore inquiry. So, if anyone speculates why a number of websites status enhanced than the other sites then he must be acquainted with the fact. The reason behind this fact is an influential web advertising practice which is described as Search Engine Optimization. [Read more…]

SEMRush Geo – The New Amazing Online Marketing Tool

For all those who are active in the SEO industry for a while, SEMRush is considered as a powerful online marketing tool which has a lot of amazing features that helps to market a website. SEMRush is one of the best professional SEO software that is available online and has always come up with new enhancement and features to serve the SEO community in a better way. Another latest enhanced and useful online marketing tool  to come from SEMrush is SEMrush GEO, which helps online marketers to focus more on geographical elements of SEO industry. The SEMrush GEO helps you in getting a detailed report of a company url, office address, telephone number, traffic prices etc by just entering the location or post code in the search box given in the home page.

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Some Basic Tips to Enhance Search Engine Visibility of a Website

Today search engines have become a part of our daily routine. When you need to access any information on anything you turn to search engines. Let it be regarding a company, cause, product, web designing, idea, brand, people search in the internet for different information. Also, mostly people search using generic descriptive words while searching online not necessary it should be always the brand name or particular terms. Suppose you have no search engine visibility for those keywords a common man use for your online creative design agency, it is impossible to reach your targeted audience who are looking for content like yours. For the individual who searches, the resulting websites that show in the first page are the major competitors in that field. Hence to build online brand recognition it is essential to have search engine visibility. Below are few techniques that can help you in controlling the search engine to attain first page search results.

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7 Types of Dangerous Unnatural Links as Per Google Penguin Update

We all must be having awareness about the Google Penguin update, which was released few weeks ago. Google Penguin Update is just one of those regular update in the Google search engine algorithm, which is focused at improving the overall search experience of end users. Every Google updates aims at showing up the most relevant and quality search results to users and Google Penguin has every right to claim that it is here to improve the overall search quality.
A lot of websites would experience a drop in their rankings, as they might not comply with the Google Penguin update and unless these websites make necessary changes, they would not make it to the top of the search results.  Google Penguin update lays more emphasis on link building and majority of the websites who are involved in extensive and aggressive link building activities are sure to suffer from the latest search engine update. [Read more…]

7 Useful SEO Tips to Stay Ahead in Search Engine Rankings

SEO strategies, methods and techniques always changes constantly due to the regularly changing search engine algorithms. The SEO techniques that we adopted 6 years ago are entirely different from what we do today. 6 years ago it was really easy to get better rankings by manipulating keywords on the website and by getting some links from other sites with the main keywords as the anchor text. [Read more…]

Don’t die for SEO only, think to update the content

For the success of the website in the search engine listing, SEO is not everything. Because, only SEO alone can give your website a boost to get the top place in the search engine ranking. In this case, you have to update your website content on a regular basis. The reason is that Google only like to index the fresh content frequently. When you are updating your content with a new one so that it presumes you are using the new keyword. Therefore, when you are updating your website content, you should remember some criteria for the quality content.
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Pros and Cons of Hiring an SEO Expert

Optimizing your websites for popular search engines is one of the best ways to get traffic and increase your sales. But search engine optimization is considered to be a broad topic to study, discuss and analyze. You could require a couple of months or even a year’s time to digest every bit of the information you read about SEO and then decide
upon the techniques and strategies to be used for your website. Once you start using these techniques, some may work and others won’t.
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Advantages of Pay Per Performance SEO

Pay per Performance or Performance based SEO is fastly becoming a popular phrase in the search engine optimization industry and this is considered to be one of the best way to get your SEO done by an agency or a consultant. Both the parties benefits from performance based SEO and this is really a safe way to manage your SEO projects. Pay for performance is entirely different from the traditional SEO campaigns and here you need to pay only for the results. If you do not get the desired results from your SEO activities, you are not supposed to pay anything towards your agency.
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