SEMRush Geo – The New Amazing Online Marketing Tool

For all those who are active in the SEO industry for a while, SEMRush is considered as a powerful online marketing tool which has a lot of amazing features that helps to market a website. SEMRush is one of the best professional SEO software that is available online and has always come up with new enhancement and features to serve the SEO community in a better way. Another latest enhanced and useful online marketing tool  to come from SEMrush is SEMrush GEO, which helps online marketers to focus more on geographical elements of SEO industry. The SEMrush GEO helps you in getting a detailed report of a company url, office address, telephone number, traffic prices etc by just entering the location or post code in the search box given in the home page.

SEMRush Geo is actually a perfect place to find Adwords advertisers from a particular geographical location and radius and this will help SEO professionals to get an idea about their potential customers from a particular geographical location. SEMRush Geo helps to search for clients geographically and this is a big thing that most of the SEO professionals were looking out for since a long time. This tool will help you in finding clients and companies from a global point of view, rather than just getting local client information.

As of now SEMRush Geo’s facility is not available to all the countries, but gradually this will be rolled out to all countries across the globe. While displaying the list of Adwords advertisers from a particular location, the tool also shows the exact map, company name, domain name, physical address, phone number, Adwords traffic price, organic traffic price and average Adwords traffic price. This makes it easy for us to contact any potential customers and establish a new business relationship.
The results shown by SEMRush Geo comes from a huge database such as SEMrush data, Yellow book records Google Maps. The Adwords budget displayed in the results helps you to find out who are the one spending more money for Adwords advertising and who are the small scale advertisers. You can also refine the search based on particular categories which would help you in finding out more specific results of Adwords customers.

I had tried a trial run on this tool for one of my client based in the US and the result was pretty encouraging. But the tool did  not give data when I tried to search for a pin code in India, but seems that they will  be rolling out to more countries in the near future.  Till then we can use this tool for those client whose geographical location is supported by SEMRush Geo.

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