Tiger Pistol – The New Amazing Social Media Marketing Tool

Tiger Pistol, the new and amazing social media marketing tool has started making waves in the digital marketing arena and of late they are really in the limelight as they have come up with an updated version of their Facebook marketing tool.  In the midst of a large number of social media marketing tools available, Tiger Pistol has carved a niche for itself with its amazing features and facilities that is offered to Facebook marketers.

Tiger Pistol is actually a technology start-up based in Melbourne, and has a staff strength of around 15. Last month it has taken a major step upwards in the Silicon Valley as it was endorsed as a global preferred marketing developer (GMD) for Facebook, which clearly speaks about the success of this company and its tool. The company is indeed new and has got funding from various sources to take this social media tool to the next level.

Tiger Pistol is a paid tool and also offers a 21 days trial period during which you can really have a look at the way it works and enhance your internet marketing activities on Facebook. Once you buy the tool and connect with it using your Facebook account, Tiger Tool really goes through the real data in your Facebook profile, Page and other information. Based on these, the Tiger Pistol conducts an analysis about your business, your audience, its nature etc.

Based on your Facebook profile and Page activities, Tiger Profile comes up with suggestions regarding when to post, what type of stuff to be posted, what type of audience to choose and many more. In short Tiger Pistol comes up with a custom Facebook marketing plan for you, which makes it easier for you to execute your Facebook marketing campaigns in a better and efficient way. Tiger Pistol provides step by step instructions on how your business should be promoted on Facebook and when to schedule posts and ads.

The Tiger Pistol ultimately helps to get the best result out of your Facebook marketing campaign as it really provides you marketing and promotional suggestions based on your Facebook profiles, fans and followers, your industry etc. The tool also helps you to decide upon what type of post to promote, the type of ads to promote, the perfect time to post and the perfect audience to get engaged with. Tiger Pistol also offer additional services such as initial set and support and also content creation for your Facebook advertising campaign. These two features usually comes with extra payment apart from the initial amount you pay for purchasing Tiger Pistol.

In short, some of the major activities done by Tiger Pistol include:
1) Analyses Your Facebook page and suggests the best times of the day for our particular business to  post content.
2) Analyses the  performance of the Facebook Page along with the Facebook pages of similar businesses on an ongoing basis and recommend when to post based on the details.
3) Recommends content and ad posting strategies based on different criteria.
4) Recommends which posts to post at a particular time period. The type of post includes Branded and non-branded posts, informative posts and product related posts.
5) Manage Your Facebook Ads in a better way.
6) Also create content for your Facebook page based on your activities and business needs. This comes with extra payment.

So if you are really confused at how to manage your Facebook marketing activities for your small business, then you can obviously try out Tiger Pistol, which is an amazing Facebook marketing tool that comes with an affordable rate of around $45 per month. Tiger Pistol really takes off the pressure in managing and handling your Facebook marketing campaign effectively on a regular basis. For More Information you can visit the official website of Tiger Pistol at https://www.tigerpistol.com/


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