Choosing the Right Social Media Websites

Social media web sites are an effective way for businesses and individuals to promote awareness about their brand and business. New social networking websites are introduced frequently. This abundance of choices is overwhelming and choosing the right website has become difficult. Therefore it is necessary to get acquainted with the various social media sites and their pros and cons before using them. You can take into consideration the following aspects for choosing the right social media websites

Target audience
Preference of social media sites varies with age, profession and at times gender. So it is necessary to identify your target audience before selecting a particular social media site.

User demographics
After identifying your target audience you need to spot a social media website which caters to your target audience’s demographics. This will attract right traffic to your site. In order to identify the type of users of a particular site you can check the profiles of the uses of the site. This will enable you to know the age bracket, sex and geographical location of the users of that social media site. For instance if your audience are males in the age bracket 30-40 then Pinterest will be wrong choice as the users of Pinterest are mainly female.

Views that exist among the users
People having similar views and thoughts network through social media websites. Therefore they have similar views on various subjects. While choosing a social media site it is necessary and important to choose the one with users whose views are aligned to your business.

Nature and pros and cons of few social networking site
Thought there are several social media websites each one has a different purpose, pros and cons.

Twitter is perhaps becoming increasingly popular among the social media site. Twitter is an effective way to reach large number of audience. Twitter enables its users to sync it with their blogs. You can also use HootSuite and TweetDeck to efficiently gather feedback from followers in a planned way. The drawback with twitter is that you cannot provide large amount of information in your tweets as the maximum character limit of posts is restricted to 140 characters.

Facebook is more effective than twitter as it allows including more text in every post. Another benefit of Facebook is that in Facebook all conversations are gathered in a single place. In comparison to Twitter Facebook is more visual and allows mingling of text, photos and videos. Facebook has more than 850 million users and all most all sections of society are on Facebook.

Google Plus has best points of both Facebook and twitter. Google+ also provides the feature of Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) and synchronization with Google applications, like Gmail and AdSense. Hangout feature is a unique feature which Google+ has. It allows video chat.

Pinterest is apt social media site for promoting ecommerce site. The interface of its photo sharing is in pin-board style which is used by media marketers to display pictures. This feature is very apt for online clothing retailers.

Linkedin is a professional networking site. It can be used in some effective ways by brands for networking and marketing. Business owners can join groups on Linkedin participating in discussion forums pertaining to their industry.

Social media websites are promotion tool. As several types of social media websites exists it is necessary for the businesses to choose the one which will complement their business.

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