How Social Networking Websites like Facebook Can Benefit Your Business

Tell me. Are you using social networking websites like Facebook to promote your business? If not, then you may be missing a lot of opportunities to get new customers and make money. You see, people today have their lives so intertwined with social networks that you can utilize it for business. They update their profiles with their status every day. As a wise business owner, you can tap this market to make instant sales. This process is called social media marketing.What is Social Media Marketing?
This is the process where a business owner utilizes websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for business purposes. Usually, they will set up an account at the said website and promote their page so that they can get new customers. This is also a great way to reach out and answer customer’s questions as they come up. In this article, I will show you why you should use a social networking website like Facebook for your business.

Using Facebook
Setting up an account in Facebook is easy. In fact, you can do it straight from their home page. You just need to fill up the necessary information and confirm your e-mail. And voila! You have a new Facebook account.

From here, you can use some of Facebook’s features that are geared towards businesses. Here are some of them.

You can Use Your Profile To Strengthen Your Brand
As I have said earlier, it is really easy to set up an account on Facebook. But did you know that you can also use this for branding? All you need to do is set your logo as your profile picture and put a relevant cover photo for the timeline. From here, you can invite people to like the page and even post your products and services in your photo album.

You Can Use Your Profile To Reach Out To Your Customers
Another thing you can do with Facebook is to use it to address customer concerns. With a Facebook page, you are giving your prospects a place to ask questions and give feedback. It also allows you to answer them quickly and effortlessly. Your customers can also turn into raving fans and even promote your business to other people.

It Helps You Get New Customers
What I love most about Facebook is its targeted ads. The ads that you see beside your profile are usually targeted to you based on your personal information. It is usually targeted based on age and interest. As a wise business owner, you should utilize these Facebook ads to redirect traffic to your Facebook page. Just make sure that your ad is appealing to your customer’s eyes. Always test your ads so that you can get the ones that will give you maximum results.

As you can see, Facebook is more than a tool to connect to your friends. You can also use it to promote your business. In fact, there are lots of home based businesses that are operated from this website alone. So tap this endless prospect source now.

This is a guest post by Jose Gil Tecson, who writes about Internet Marketing and how can SEO help you grow your business. To know more about him visit

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