10 Tips to Engage Your Customers on Facebook

You have decided to set up a Facebook page for your business, or you want to make the most out of your existing page and improve your branding. Considering that Facebook has 1.55 billion monthly active users, we can say that it is a good decision. But now , visitors and prospects will not come knocking on the door of your page as if by magic. In reality the chances of having customers or prospects from Facebook are slim if you do not set up a Facebook page that has the potential to be noticed, which includes “Likes” and “Shares”.

facebookBy following the tips below, you will put the odds in your favor for a professional and engaging Facebook page.

1) Add an easily identifiable photo
Choose a profile photo that will be easy to spot for your fans. This can range from your company logo to a beautiful portrait of yourself if you are a solo entrepreneur or consultant. Being recognizable is very important because it allows you to easily be found, especially in the Facebook search engine and also boost your branding. When choosing your photo, remember that the dimensions must be 180 pixels by 180 pixels.

2) Optimize descriptions of your profile picture and cover by adding links
Depending on your objectives, you can consider adding links to your website in the description of your profile picture and cover photo. Whether to an article of your blog, to a lead generating page, or just to any other web page, links are an opportunity to know you a little better, and the descriptions of your profile pictures and cover are a great place to do it. If you decide to add links to the description of the photos , make sure that the links allow you to analyze the source of your site visits.

3) Add a call to action button on your cover photo
On the cover photo of your pages you can choose from the following options:
Book now / call now / Contact us / Send message / Use Application / Play it / buy / Register / Watch video / Send e-mail

Select the appropriate button and set it with with the URL of your choice. This is an effective way to attract customers to your website.To see how many people clicked on your button, simply click on the dropdown button and select your “display statistics”.

4) Fill out the “about” section with basic information and important events
This section is one of the most important as far as a Facebook page is considered. A preview is shown on the left of your page, below your profile picture, and this is one of the first information that visitors will look on your page. They can then visit your details by clicking on the tab at the top of your page.
Be sure to optimize the preview “about” with a brief and effective description, which will help the visitors to quickly get an idea of ​​what you offer and prompt them to decide whether to ‘Like’ your page or not. This will also helps in improving the branding of your business or organization.

5) Promote Engaging Content
Even if your main objective is to generate customers from facebook, you should think about publishing content that is not always made to capture your visitors.
The reason is simple: A greater number of people will engage with your page, and so will increase your chances to appear in the news feed, and also increase the chances to grow your fan base. So when you publish engaging content, you will be exposed to a much larger audience.

6) Determine the best time and the frequency to Publish Your articles.
This is an important element in your strategy on Facebook. Indeed, it will affect the success of your page in the long term. If you publish articles in close time periods, the algorithm of Facebook might work in such a way that it might reach a lesser number of audience. Think of the time where most of your audience is on Facebook, try different times and different frequencies of publication, and analyze the results through statistics that are in the tab at the top of your page. After analyzing the results of your publications, you will be able to optimize them.

7) Use of Facebook publishing tools
Schedule your publications can save you time and help you better manage content you share. Using publishing tools of Facebook, which are in the tab at the top of your page, will help you to schedule your post for a particular time when most of your audiences are online.

8) Pin the Important Publications to the Top of Your page
When you publish content on your Facebook page, the old publications are shifted down. If you want a publication to remain on the top for a longer time period, you have the facility to pin your publication at the top of your page. To pin a publication, click the arrow arrow Facebook top right of your publication, and click “pin the publication.” Now the post that you have selected will start appearing at the top of your page’s timeline.

9) Monitor and respond to comments on your page
This is crucial to engage your customers on Facebook. You can monitor and respond to feedback through the tab “Notifications” at the top of your page.  Although it is not necessary to answer each of the feedback you receive, you should definitely watch the conversations that take place, and interact with your visitors and customers regularly.

10) Promote your page to have more fans
Now that your page is fine, it’s time to promote it! Add sharing buttons to your website and your email to make it easy for your customers and visitors to connect with you on Facebook.
Add a social media plugin in the sidebar of your blog. You can also send an email to notify your customers that you are on Facebook. Without promotion, your page will struggle to grow.

Finally, having set up all of these, be sure to measure the success of your actions. In the “statistics” tab on your Facebook page, you can view items such as the demographics of the people who actually commit on your page. You’ll also see which publications are most successful and well change your strategy based on the results obtained.

You’re now ready to take off your business on Facebook and interact in a new way with your customers.

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