Google Indexes Facebook Pages for Real Time Search Results

Google has recently decided to index updates from Facebook pages to enhance its real time search results. The feature is just on a roll out and would be available in all the languages in the coming days. This means that Facebook updates will be shown in Google’s real time search results along with results from other social media sites such as MySpace, Twitter, Google Buzz, FriendFeed, Google Blog etc.

Right now the updates from the Facebook pages are indexed which includes links, status updates, videos and photos. The comments made by the fans are not indexed right now. An organization or company which does not have a Facebook fan page would not get the benefits of this Google real time search update. This would prompt more organizations and brands to go for Facebook pages to get better search engine visibility.

Right now Facebook is granting access to updates from its 3 million pages, which are for  politicians, celebrities, brands and local business. This means that the updates from the average Facebook users are not indexed by Google.  Facebook is also expecting to drive more users to them by sharing their updates with Google.

I am yet to see the results and hope to get them in the coming days. Hope that this feature has more advantages than disadvantages.

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