What is Google’s Real Time Search Results?

Google’s real time search result is another amazing search feature that was started last month in the search engine results page. The real time search results are actually displayed in boxes along the with the regular search items. The real time search results are taken from items that are currently active and discussed on social media sites. To provide these real time search results Google has started with some of the major social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc.

The real time search is going to play a major role in the coming days and this is an area where all the SEOs needs to work out. It is high time that the SEOs be active in at least some of the major social networking sites in order to promote their site and increase search engine ranking.

So far Google has not revealed anything about the  inclusion of items in the real time search results. But by watching and studying these results closely, something can be assumed and understood regarding Google’s real time search results. These findings are sure to help us list our social media discussion into the real time search result of Google.

It has been found that Google takes the text used in the social networking sites to determine the quality of the post. If they find anything similar to spam, they would not be taking that results for real time search results. Google also takes the social networking profile of a user to determine the inclusion of his posts into real time search results. If a user has friends or followers who are having a strong profile then his postings have higher chances to appear in real time results.    On the other hand if his friends, fans or followers are weak and bots, his posting would find it hard to appear in the search results.

Google’s real time search results has its share of problems as the search results might be replaced by another results in a small span of time. It will not be as consistent as Google’s regular search results. Apart from this there are many other problems with these real time searches, and are yet to figure out. Till then we can enjoy the real time search results as an added feature of Google SERPs.


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