How Much Number of Backlinks Do You Need For Your Website

How Much Number of Backlinks Do You Need For Your Website? This is one of the most common question asked by clients and friends when it comes to link building in SEO. Most of the clients are very much eager to know how much backlinks do they need for their website to perform better in the search engine result pages. Since most of the clients pay for their SEO package which includes link building, there would be a particular limit for the number of backlinks in SEO package. This would be mentioned in the price chart of the respective SEO packages.
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Importance of Getting Backlinks for Your website

Getting backlinks is one of the most important thing that influence the long term success of a website. Backlinks are the external links that points to your website. Most of the website lack enough number of backlinks and hence falls back in the search engine results. Majority of the webmasters give little importance in link building as they are not aware how these back links would influence the performance of the website in major search engines, especially Google.
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Why My Website is Not Ranking Higher in Search Engines?

Recently I met with a client for SEO consultation, who was already doing SEO for his site with some other Vendor. Since we knew each other personally, he asked me for free SEO consultation and I did the same. The main complaint of that guy was that despite a doing various offpage optimization he was not ranking for his major keywords and was much disappointed over his vendor’s performance. I just went through the site and after a day I got the reason why the site was not ranking for the major keywords. These reasons are very much applicable to majority of the website owners and as a result they lag back in the SERP and miss our important traffic to the site. Some of the reasons that I found out, which may be the reason for the non performance of the site are given below.

1) The site was not properly optimized for the major keywords
The major issue with its onpage optimization was that none of the pages were optimized for the major keywords. It is always advisable to optimize one of your pages for a particular keyword and it would be better not to optimize any other page for the same keywords. This would help in listing this page on Search Engine Results Page for that particular keyword.

2) No Sitemap
The site didn’t have the XML sitemap as well as the regular sitemap, which have made it difficult for the search engine spiders to easily crawl all the pages of the website. It is always advisable to upload an updated XML file to the root of the website, and also include the link to the regular sitemap on all the pages (preferably on the footer). The sitemaps should be updated whenever you make changes to the website structure.

3) Bad Navigational Structure
The website had poor navigational structure with unwanted functions, java scripts etc at the inappropriate places, which made it difficult for the search engine spiders to crawl through the pages. It is better to make your site navigation as simple as possible, to make it spider friendly.

4)  Poorly Written Robots.txt file
The site had a poorly written robots.txt file which made the crawling of the search engine spiders more miserable. Make sure that your site contains a well written robots.txt file which allows the major search engine spiders to easily crawl through and block private pages from being crawled by the spiders.

5) Less Content
The Site had less content on his keywords, which deprived the major keywords from appearing in the content. A good and unique content based on the major keywords is essential for getting better SERPs and forms the back bone of the website.

6) Weak Backlinks
The site had a weak backlinks, which gave the search engine ranking a big blow. Even though the site was having a few backlink, it was of less quality, ie links from poor, irrelevant and spammy sites.

After the client paid importance to these factors, the site really showed tremendous improvement in SERPs. This can be applicable to all webmasters and take care that these points are not missed while going for SEO for your website.

Does Just Getting Backlinks Guarantee Better Results on Google?

We all know that getting backlinks to our site plays a major role in getting better search engine placements. Most webmasters try to get as many inbound links as possible to ensure better search engine ranking for their site. This is a good ploy, but at times a website with more back links than its competitor may be ranking lower for the same keyword when compared with its competitor. This is a general scenario most webmaster faces and this issue should be deeply looked into. There are various reasons why a website with more inbound links than its competitor is losing the battle in the search engine rankings with its competitor for the same keywords. Just getting many backlinks alone does not aumatically make your site keywords rank highly.

As we all know that Google determines the ranking of websites in search results based on various metrics such as onpage and offpage factors.
On page factors are those which are visible on your website by making changes in the HTML code. On the other hand offpage factors are those factors that are not visible on your website but are done by working on external sites. So both offpage and onpage factors plays an important role in your search engine results. Offpage factors inlcudes link building activities such as article submissions, directory submissions, promoting the site through forums, blogs, social media sites etc. There are are certain parameters to keep in mind while getting backlinks for your site.

1) Try to get better backlinks, i.e quality backlinks from sites which are relevant to your site content.
2) Avoids links from link farms, low grade directories and other spammy sites.
3) Try to get links from pages with better page ranks, ie, 3 and above.
4) Add compelling content on your site and prompt other webmasters to link back to you.
5) Try to get your major keywords included in the anchor text of your inbound links.

These are the basic offpage factors needed for you to have an edge over your competitors in search engine results. Try these things and I am pretty sure that the results would be there at the doorstep for you.