The Top 10 Benefits Of Social Media Advertising For Your Business

Imagine spending some time to grow your business’s traffic, sales, and recognition from less cost to nothing. Almost 92% of marketers concluded that social media provided massive exposure for their business. As a result, social platforms become the primary key for marketing strategies. Many marketers realized their vast business success once they entered and executed their campaigns on social media.

Here are the top 10 benefits of utilizing social media networks to promote your business.

Gain Brand Awareness
Social media are the low-cost digital marketing techniques to gain your business visibility. If you work through various strategies on social media, it helps you gain brand recognition and reach a broad audience. First, open social media accounts for your brand or business and start to interact with other people. Get business partners, sponsors, and employees to share and like your page. Every post that you upload will communicate with a new individual that leads them to become customers, and it helps to gain more audience to know about your business. Many marketers on social media concluded that they increased their social exposure by investing a few hours in a week. If you have a social media account, it is easy for your brand to reap benefits, and it generates a massive audience if you use it consistently.

Inbound Traffic
Your inbound traffic gets low if you don’t advertise your business or brand on social media. Your business’s audience would search for the exact keywords that you rank already for. If you didn’t use social media for your marketing strategy, you would face more difficulties reaching someone outside your circle. Social media accounts that you add are a great way to your site, and the content you upload helps catch more audience. Through social media marketing, you could reach your business or brand to broader consumers across the universe.

Search Engine Rankings
If you post something on social media, you could get some traffic to your site. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for getting higher rankings and grabbing more traffic to your site. Research delivered that businesses who use social media platforms for their marketing efforts would improve quick high page rankings. Your website receives massive traffic at the top position and acquires many conversions—post-high-quality content with rich keywords on social media. Contents like blogs, business info, infographics, and employee images bring your business social page more credible. In addition, getting influencers and asking them to link back helps you increase your search ranking better.

Conversion Rate
Your business may get more conversion with immense visibility. Every image, comment, or video might take the audience to your site and develop traffic. People wish to do businesses with other peoples than company sectors. If your brand is active every time on social media, your consumers believe in your business credibility. Recently, a report says that most marketers gain more lead generation on social media just using it only for six hours a week. Making your brand in the surroundings where the audience can talk, like, and comment could develop the conversion rates.

Customer Satisfaction
Social media is a communication and networking platform. Establishing your business via these networks is more crucial in business humanizing. For example, customers know they would get personalized messages than automated ones when posting comments on your pages. By checking every word, you are giving more attention to your customer views, which helps you update in the future.

If an individual has any complaints or questions, social networks bring you to produce things through interpersonal terms.

Brand Loyalty
Growing loyal customers is one of the primary objectives of every business. It is crucial to consistently engage with your customers and build a strong bond with customers. Social media is not limited to promotional campaigns and launching your products. Most of the customers get the platform as a moderator to get service with the business directly. Since the technology requires brand communications, companies and brands should implement the marketing strategy on social media to grab their potential customer’s attention.

Brand Authority
Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction play a significant role in bringing your brand more capacitative, but everything comes under communication. You will shine credibly if your consumer gets your business uploading on social networks, responding to customer comments, and uploading original & unique content. Interacting with your customers consistently showcases that your brands or businesses care more about customer satisfaction and are ready to answer every question that customers may have. Once they are satisfied with your business, they would share your products and services with their circles worldwide. Once you get satisfied customers, you could do advertising with your customers who have enjoyed your products or services.

Marketing on social media is the cost-efficient term of the advertising strategy. Launching an account on social media is free, and the investment rate is meager compared to other advertising tactics. Cost-effectiveness is a great advantage because you could obtain more ROI. Always begin with a small cost if you are interested in social media advertising to check what works best for you. Then, if you get more profit, adjust your advertising strategy, and increase your budget.

For example, one of the popular social media platforms, Instagram, is cost-effective for its marketing purpose. Also, most businesses are taking more advantage of the recently launched Reels feature on Instagram to market their brand and products. Most companies bring attractive videos to reels that can obtain real Instagram reels views and a vast reach. It helps increase brand awareness and grab the audience to convert into your customers with your engaging video content.

Marketplace Insights
Marketplace Insights are a remarkable advantage on every social media. Through tracking your profile activities, you could get customer’s opinions and interests. Utilizing every social media like a research tool could help you obtain more information to understand your niche and industry. If you attain a vast follower’s base, you could use extra tools to check your consumer’s demographics. Another significant social media marketing aspect is segregating your content depending on various topics and getting the content type that collects more impressions. These additional tools help you measure every conversion depending on multiple social media networks to get a good combination for increasing revenue.

Thought Leadership
Uploading well-written and insightful content on social media platforms is the perfect way to shine as a leader and expert in your niche. However, there’s no easy way to shine as a thought leader, and it needs more work than various networking tools could handle. To shine as an expert in social media, grow your social presence consistently. Build your conversation, interact with your target audience, share every content with your circles, and promote & market your authority. Your magnificent skills would be highlighted if your campaign on social media is in line with your marketing efforts, and followers may convert into customers in more numbers.

Interact With Your Fans Via Social Listening
Social Listening is nothing but analyzing the conversations on social media around specific topics. It makes you know what is more crucial to your people and find trends that your fans follow.

Also, through this strategy, you can identify the struggles they are facing, and it helps you a lot to make content addressing solutions for those struggling points. You could also get the language and tone that your fans use.

For example: In Twitter, Burger King uses the exact tone and language that every young person on the Twitter platform uses to showcase themselves funnily. Social listening helps you a lot if you don’t know how to connect the style and tone of your followers correctly.

Share Your Brand’s Story
Utilizing social media platforms is the perfect way to tell the mission of the brand and share stories of your business or brand. Excellent stories bring a substantial impact to your brand’s image. Stories could be extensive or simple based on your thinking that would be more perfect.

For instance, Starbucks tells a story of a person acquiring a job in a job fair, which helps their brand’s image effectively. It accepts only a photo, but the story is perfect, clear, and impactful.

Collect More Data From Research To Develop
Audience or fans research is similar to the above-discussed point of social listening. Audience research brings the keyword that your audience has used, but it is targeted to your particular product. You could utilize social media platforms to collect the information.

To get the insights page on Facebook, go to your profile, and you can find it after your cover image. In Twitter, there is a specific option to get the insights of each tweet that you upload.

Give Active Customer Services That Makes Your Fans More Happy
Every customer expects industries now to control their requests via social media platforms. A good investment in the customer service process could develop a significant relationship between your customers and your industry. And the customer service demand strikes higher than before on social media platforms.

Social media allows customer feedback and immediate interaction. Also, every business and brand could reply to their customers. Nearly half of the customers in the US utilize social media platforms to get answers about services or products that they are going to purchase. So, acquiring a customer service strategy on social media is very crucial.

Retarget Your Fans Through Social Media
Retargeting is the perfect tool for marketing on social media. Naturally, only 2% of social media customers tend to purchase something they like on your site during their very first visit. So, advertising helps you to reach that balance of 98% of new customers on social media.

Running retarget ads is the only way to grab them as quickly as possible. It works based on the people who land on your site and accept “cookies” in their browser. Retargeting service provides the ads when they land on social media platforms. It brings your business or brand to stay around your audience’s sight, bringing more opportunities to turn them into a new customer for your business.

Advertise Your Content
It looks pretty natural. Promote the content and advertise your products. Look into these things: pictures, headlines, and the uploading time. These every factor are more crucial and must be utilized well while writing a message on social media.

A significant thing to remember while writing messages on social media is creative thinking. You must bring unique content to advertise and promote your products and content.

Telling stories and being more creative is the perfect way to advertise or promote your content. Narrating a story via headline or through pictures makes people develop their own product perception.

Try Out A/B Tests To Obtain Huge Results
A/B testing is nothing but testing various versions of your same website to different audiences. Here the question is, how could you utilize this factor on social media?

Try with different posts instead of other websites and monitor every post’s conversion result and reach. Recently, Twitter utilizes A/B testing factors well to identify the tweet’s results. It helps you to bring compelling posts on social media.

Just check the analytics dashboard on Twitter. It showcases your top mentions and tweets. Also, it shows your visits, tweets, increase in followers rates, and impressions. This dashboard would showcase whether your existing campaign is going well or not when compared to other ones.

Utilize Hashtags To Develop Your Reach
Hashtags are a powerful tool that connects a group audience with same-minded individuals via social media. It is the perfect way to develop your reach within a short time.

A famous brand on social media uploaded a post on Leap day with an attractive offer. The tweet was uploaded with the hashtag #leapday. If someone searches the hashtag on Twitter, they would receive that tweet and might increase the brand’s conversion rate.

It is highly free to use hashtags. But using one to two hashtags on tweets is most likely to get retweeted in high numbers. Also, don’t forget that using more hashtags won’t build your engagements. Many hashtags decrease your message strength, and quickly it would get lost.

Using the “Trending” page on Twitter, you could get the most relevant hashtags. It shows the most used and high-rank hashtags of all time.

It’s well apparent that marketing on social media has its full advantage, so if your brand or business doesn’t have an account on social media, create them first! Bring your social media profiles more attractive through more information about your business and upload engaging content to start collecting more fans. As said before, encourage the audience to share and like your business profile to help grow your social media account. Updating consistently, the perfect marketing strategy on social media would lead to gain traffic, substantial conversion rates, developed brand loyalty, great SEO, and more. Though it costs less, there is hardly anything to lose. If you begin quickly, you could get your business top quickly.

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Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

6 Steps To A Successful Social Commerce Strategy

Recent emerging trends have evolved social media into a commercial platform. Earlier social media provided opportunities for user attraction and engagement through marketing.

Nowadays the dynamic and vivid demands of consumers have made social media platforms to integrate commercial opportunities that gave rise to the term Social Commerce.

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce as the name suggests is the use of social media networks for selling and not just for marketing. Social media is mainly the point of inspiration for consumers to buy products but with social commerce, you bring the point of sale to point of inspiration.

Social commerce provides a unified shopping experience through browsing, exploring, sharing, evaluation, and SHOPPING over social media networks.

In this digitally competitive world, the most challenging part is to get the consumer to engage with your brand rather than selling. With an effective social commerce strategy, you can fulfill both the purpose through a single channel.

We have formed some steps to guide you about how you can formulate a successful social commerce strategy.

6 Steps to Build a Successful Social Commerce Strategy

1)Social Media Selection Strategy
The first step here is to know the right social media platforms that suit your brand personality, product portfolio, and availability of interested audiences for social shopping.

You don’t need to have a social commerce strategy for all social networks just because there are multiple social media platforms and all have a huge user base.

Every social media has its own unique selling proposition so you need to
find the right fit for your needs. The aesthetics of your chosen social media platform(s) should align with your brand aesthetics for maximum positive results.

For example – If you are a fashion retailer, Twitter might not be the best choice for your social commerce strategy; instead, Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest might bring better results for you.

2) Develop S.M.A.R.T Objectives

S.M.A.R.T is an abbreviation that stands for:
● Specific
● Measurable
● Attainable
● Relevant
● Time-Bound

If you don’t have an objective or goal that you want to achieve in your mind then any amount of investments or strategies won’t be able to get you results.

Identify what you want to achieve from your social commerce strategy and it should be specific, not vague. Also, it should be measurable so that you can create a more meaningful and performance-based strategy.

The objective should resonate with your brand identity and efforts. Also, you should be able to achieve the given objective and that too in a specific time period.

3) Aggregate Engaging Content
The most crucial element of any strategy relating to social media the quality of content that you will use in the campaign.

Content is what you will showcase to the users in different forms like Images, videos, or text as your social commerce strategy. If the content won’t be engaging or interactive to the users it will cause disinterest that will lead to no further engagement and eventually no selling.

You can create content on interesting or trending social topics that can garner a vast audience.

Besides, you can also aggregate user-generated content from social media to make it a part of your campaign for increased effectivity & influence. This will also help you build social proof along with conversions.

4) Make Use of Consumer Insights
There are various tools available out there like Google analytics that can help you gain insights into social media users and their social behavior.

Once you gain insights into what consumers are looking for, their search keywords, social hashtags used, clicks, shares, likes, comments, commercial activities on social media, and more such details.

You can then form a more refined and detailed-oriented strategy that can bring maximum possible returns on minimum investments. These insights will help you bring in more targeted and personalized elements into your strategy.

This is essential in social media as personalized promotion is highly effective in increasing engagement & conversions.

5) Streamlined Checkout Process
We have focused on the social part of social commerce but the biggest issue that arises is in the eCommerce purchase funnel that leads to cart abandonment and bounce rate.

If you are using social media for commercial activities then it is essential that you make the checkout process as easy, quick, and short as possible so that the user won’t have to waste much time.

Reducing the clicks, webpage redirection, and ultimately easy checkout will help in increasing conversions and sales.

Before forming your social commerce strategy, you should test your checkout process to find out any flaws or issues that can be improved so that it does not affect the real customers.

If you design your social commerce strategy after a comprehensive review and implementation of these 5 steps, you will have more opportunities to achieve your intended goals and objectives.

Social commerce is more than social media marketing, here you are selling along with the usual marketing and one mistake can cost you many customers in the long-run.

If you do it appropriately, social commerce will immensely help you build your brand image, revenue generation, social proof, customer loyalty, and distinct brand identity.

About the Author

Author Name: Alice Herman

Author Bio: I’m Alice Herman and I’m a digital marketer and technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends.

Author Twitter Handle: @AliceHerman_usa

Optimizing the User-Generated Content On Instagram

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms, with more than 1 billion active monthly users. Along with social media platforms, Instagram has also evolved as a leading marketing platform for marketers.

The marketing potential it holds is beyond the imagination of ordinary users. Organizing a user-generated content campaign on Instagram is an excellent way of marketing the product to a larger group of people in an effective way. There are many examples of successful user-generated content campaigns on Instagram.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss what is user-generated content, and how you can organise a perfect user-generated content campaign on Instagram.

Let’s go!

What Is User-Generated Content?

Any form of content that is created by the users of a brand to share their experience with the brand is known as user-generated content. People are not paid by marketers for creating the content. They do it with their own free will. UGC can be in any type like

  • Photos
  • Texts
  • Videos
  • Reviews

There are only some of the significant types of user-generated content. People are allowed to create content in any form.

Now, let’s discuss how to run a successful user-generated content on Instagram.

Steps To Run A Successful User-Generated Content On Instagram

1 Create a brand new hashtag for the Instagram

The first step is to create a fresh and easy to remember Instagram hashtag. You should give and easy way for the audience to submit their posts.

Thousands of hashtags are created every day. So tour hashtag should be unique and tricky enough so that people could remember when they post on Instagram.

2 Encourage your users to share their photos using the hashtag

After creating a hashtag now, it’s time to encourage the followers to use the hashtag while sharing content.

Organizing a UGC campaign is one of the best ways to engage the users and encourage them to share the content using your hashtag.

3 Collect the User-Generated Content

Once you create a hashtag and encourage the users to share the content using a particular hashtag, now it’s time to collect the best user-generated content.

There are many tools available in the market that may help you to curate the content in an organized way.

4 Post UGC along with the regular content

After collecting the best user-generated content for your brand, now its time to plan how to use the user-generated content on Instagram along with the regular content. It’s easy to share user-generated content on Instagram.

Make a plan to post regular content along with the UGC. This is one of the best ways to impress the audience. People love to see and get engaged with the user-generated content on social media.

Embedding UGC, along with the regular content, is one of the best ways to showcase your content to the audience. Always remember to give proper credit to the real owner of the content while using UGC or else you may face some legal issues.

LinkedIn Comes Up with a New Method for Lead Generation Through its Pages

In its latest update, LinkedIn has come up with a new method for generating leads through its pages. LinkedIn has decided to roll out its new tool that will help in generating leads through the pages and also measuring its overall results. As per its recent updates, LinkedIn has decided to introduce custom Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons on its lead generating ads. Initially they only had the option to add the button called “Follow”, and after getting various feedback from page admins, they have decided to include new customized call-to-action button on their ads.

The custom CTA buttons in LinkedIn can help you generate leads in a better way. The current custom CTA button option are:

  • Learn More
  • Contact Us
  • Sign up
  • Register
  • Visit Website

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Tips For Instagram Marketing To Grow Your Business

If you are an e-commerce business and still are a ghost on Instagram, then you better have a good reason for that!

Having an active presence on Instagram for your business is no more just a matter of choice but a necessity. Instagram is a part of our lives now, and crucial for many businesses.

With the right Instagram marketing strategy in your arsenal, you can grow to be an influential brand on Instagram.

Realizing this utter importance of Instagram for your brand marketing purposes, this article is all about the trending tips for Instagram marketing which are very much required to grow your Business on Instagram.

So, come let’s start the ride!

1. Switch To Instagram Business Profile

It is the first and the foremost thing you need to take care of. Being a business yourself, having an Instagram Business profile is so imperative. Having an Instagram Business Account gives you Instagram insights like Gender, Age Range, Top Locations, etc.

It gives you all related information regarding your account and how your posts perform. It also gives information like changes in number of followers, total impressions, reach, posts, followers, profile views, website views, and so much more. All this helps you to finally analyze your overall Instagram marketing campaign.

2. Figure Out Your Audience’s Interest

Your audience should be your first priority. That’s the thumb rule for any marketing strategy. You might create an amazing Instagram post but what use is it of if it doesn’t resonate with your audience’s interests. They are the ones who will engage with it in the first place.

As discussed above, Instagram insights help you get a better understanding of your audience’s interest by giving you details like demographics, impressions, total clicks, locations, etc. All this information helps you give a deep understanding of your audience’s behavior and interests, hence, helping you to funnel your Instagram marketing strategy accordingly.

3. Share User-Generated Content

Instagram is a great place to discover and post user-generated content. People literally post their entire lifestyle on Instagram like what are they eating, what are they wearing, where are they visiting, or what are they watching. Every post like this acts as a user-generated content for one brand or other.

Brands generally discover such user-generated content through mentions, tagged, or hashtags and repost them on their official Instagram profile in order to showcase real life user experience with their brand. This helps to enhance their brand image and grow user trust in the brand.

4. Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website

Another way of putting the user-generated Instagram content to your marketing use is by embedding those Instagram feeds on your official website where your website visitors get to see the social proof for your brand in a very visually appealing way.

Also, embed Instagram feeds on your website, and let your website visitors see your social side which they might be earlier unaware of. Also, it helps to improve your website’s overall performance by improving it’s visual appeal, increasing the dwell-time, enhancing the conversion rates, reducing the bounce rates, etc.

5. Know When To Post

Just posting on Instagram is not enough. Posting it on right time is. You must post when your post reaches to the maximum target group and gets the most impressions.

According to research, the best days to post on Instagram are Monday and Thursday while Wednesday is moderately good. On the other hand, Sundays are the worst days to post on Instagram. The best time to post is 8AM- 9PM and 2AM. The recommended frequency of posting content on Instagram is 1-2 posts per day.

6. Use Interactive Brand Hashtags

Using relevant and interactive hashtags is imperative for a successful Instagram marketing campaign. Hashtags help you categorize and organize your images and videos on Instagram. It is an easy way of tagging your content making it easier for others to find it.

Your hashtag could be generic or very very specific as per the requirement of your Instagram marketing campaign. Your hashtag must be simple and really interactive. It helps you initiate immediate engagement. Your customers and followers can use this hashtag to share user-generated content for your brand on Instagram.

7. Use Instagram Stories Effectively

The 24-hour disappearing stories is a great Instagram feature. It is like a gift for marketers. These stories help you narrate a whole story in a really engaging manner segmented into multiple stories.

What makes these stories different from a regular Instagram post is it’s slideshow format and the fact that they are not permanent and just visible for 24 hours only. This helps to create the required FOMO effect in the minds of your users.

You could also use this feature to make an announcement for a new post, some offers or discounts, events, etc. You could show a celebrity endorsing your product or the story behind the cameras. To make your Instagram account more effective, you can also get help from a Instagram scraper tool, so that your account stands out from the competition.

Over To You…

These were 7 important tips to reinforce your Instagram marketing strategy and now it’s time to put them to use. Post at right time and on the right day and never forget to track your metrics.

Try the best Instagram marketing and embedding tool for your marketing campaign and let your brand grow and flourish on Instagram.

How To Gain Followers on Instagram

Instagram has emerged to become one of the most important marketing tools for businesses. In 2017, at least 70% of all businesses are expected to have an Instagram account. With a large user base of 600 million users, you are certainly missing out if you don’t have an active account for your business. To be popular on the platform, you don’t need exceptional writing skills or even photography skills. As long as you are creative and understand your audience, you can create quirky and entertaining content that will generate brand awareness and loyalty. Everyone loves a funny, clever or popular person, and the same goes for your business’ social media profiles. [Read more…]