Factors Determining Digg’s Upcoming Hot Section

Digg is the most active and hottest social media site around which is used for sharing online content, by link submissions, voting, commenting etc.  Rather than calling it a social media site, it is better to call it as a social news site. I have already mentioned about Digg, managing your Digg profile, tips for submitting contents to Digg etc in my earlier posts.

In this section I would like to write something about the factors that influences the stories in Digg’s upcoming hot section. Before that you need to know something about the upcoming section in Digg. The upcoming section is that part where the stories are stacked before being popped out into the front page. There are mainly 3 types of upcoming section which are the recommendation section (based on your profile), upcoming most section(links having most Diggs) and upcoming hot section (the hottest link in upcoming section).

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10 Tips for submitting content to Digg

Digg is one of the most prolific social book marking site, which helps in generating traffic to any website. People submit content, images and video to Digg and the best stuff will be voted by other users and would be promoted to the front page, which in turn generates huge traffic to the site where the content, image or video is hosted.

There are various factors to consider and check while submitting something to Digg. These factors plays a major role in deciding the fate of the content, which is being submitted. If these factors are positive the chances for a content, image or video to pop out onto the front page is high. Here we would be discussing some major things that we should take care while submitting content into Digg.

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8 Basic Steps For a Better Digg Profile

In my earlier post on Digg, I had given a brief introduction on Digg. That was just for the beginners who needed to know something about this social book marking news site. In this post I would like to brief, how to be an active Digg user.

1) Create a Profile
If you would like to be a part of the Digg community, the first thing that you should do is to create your own profile with Digg. Try to create a unique and catchy username, so that we it would be remembered by other Digg users. Upload a profile picture and also add a small bio through which people would be able to understand something about your interests.

2) Start Reading
Start reading the news and articles on the front page  as well as the upcoming section of Digg. You can see a lot of interesting and amazing news, facts, images, videos etc which might be interesting to you.

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5 Social Bookmarking Sites that Drives Huge Traffic to a Website

Social  Bookmarking sites allows you to bookmark your favorite websites / web pages and access it from anywhere in the world. Social Bookmarking sites are the best sources to get traffic to your site, provided used in the proper way. A lot of social bookmarking sites have surfaced since last few years and all these book marking sites are used in order to get adequate traffic to websites. Social Bookmarking also serves as a good resource for getting back links and these sites are regularly indexed by search engines. Among all the social bookmarking websites available, there are some sites which send enormous traffic to your site. As per my experience, I would like to list the top 5 social bookmarking sites that have send traffic to my websites all along. The listing is in the order of the amount of traffic generated.

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