5 Social Bookmarking Sites that Drives Huge Traffic to a Website

Social  Bookmarking sites allows you to bookmark your favorite websites / web pages and access it from anywhere in the world. Social Bookmarking sites are the best sources to get traffic to your site, provided used in the proper way. A lot of social bookmarking sites have surfaced since last few years and all these book marking sites are used in order to get adequate traffic to websites. Social Bookmarking also serves as a good resource for getting back links and these sites are regularly indexed by search engines. Among all the social bookmarking websites available, there are some sites which send enormous traffic to your site. As per my experience, I would like to list the top 5 social bookmarking sites that have send traffic to my websites all along. The listing is in the order of the amount of traffic generated.

1) Digg

Digg currently tops the chart in terms of traffic generation and is the most used social bookmarking site. Digg enjoys an Alexa rank of 114 and Google Page rank of 8.  Digg allows you to submit web pages and Digg’s voting and commenting system enables to get the webpage to the Front pages or most popular section of Digg. Once your site gets on to the front page, the traffic that you are going to enjoy is enormous.

2) Stumbleupon

The second most traffic generating social bookmarking site, StumbleUpon is also know for the quality of traffic it generates. With a Google Page rank of 6 and Alexa traffic rank 298, Stubmleupon helps in getting relevant traffic and that too in bulk. This social bookmarking site also uses the user voting system for the submitted items and is a major source for traffic generation.

3) Reddit

Reddit is another social bookmarking news site which has a unique way of operation. Reddit also has user voting and commenting system, which determines the fate of your website. Once your site gets on to the front page of Reddit, get prepared to receive an outburst in the website traffic. Reddit holds a Google Page rank of 8 and Alexa page rank of 475.

4) Delicious

Delicious is a classic example of Social Bookmarking site and as compared with sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon, Delicious is not focused on votes. Rather the popularity of a story in Delicious depends upon the number of users who have saved a particular page as bookmark, along with the tags. Delicious has a Google Page rank of 6 and Alexa Page rank of 527.

5) Mixx

Mixx is a small social bookmarking site which is growing in the right way. May not bring the enormous traffic to you, but still have a lot of varieties which makes it one of the best social bookmarking sites. Mixx is also based on voting system and the articles with sufficient vote reaches the popular page and as a result traffic flows to your site. Mixx enjoys a Google Page Rank of 8 and an Alexa ranking of 911.


  1. George says

    Yes..in all the social media sites, you need to build a good friends network and reputation..Initially you will not get any results..but if u continue to be active and loyal to ur friends, u will soon start getting the results..

  2. George says

    Hey Anand!! u r absolutely right..Twitter brings me traffic on a regular basis..But these sites are one time traffic generators!!u got me? The traffic from these sites will last upto 1 week or so maximum..So i didnt include Twitter in this list…

  3. says

    in my experience you need alot of friends to make it work to its full potential. Although a keyword with little competition can rank well with just the submission alone and no votes. Especially on propeller and mixx

  4. says

    Thanks for the information

    But you missed twitter… anyway great information i never knew the importance of digg

  5. says

    Most of the social bookmarking nowadays just come and go I don’t know what’s with this social bookmarking sometimes it’s in park mode and sometimes it’s not found and error page. Is their any topic why social bookmarking sites closed? By the way thanks for sharing another dofollow social bookmarking you might want to add on the list http://www.linkbucket.info


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