Some Important Features of Internet Business Promoter (IBP) Tool

IBP (Internet Business Promoter) is one of the best SEO tool available and is used for enhancing and assisting you with your SEO campaigns. I came to know about this software a few years back but ever since, I haven’t got an opportunity to use it. After reading some of its review and customer feedback, I decided to have a look at this internet marketing tool.  Initially I decided to try its demo version before purchasing it. After downloading and trying its demo version I done an overall basic study about the  tool and learned that this tool is something worth buying, if you are serious about your SEO activities. These are some of the best features that I have noticed with IBP.
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6 Free and Useful Backlink Checking Tools

Backlinks are one of the most important and influential factor that determines your websites online success. Hence it is always better to have  a healthy number of backlinks to your site. The backlinks also should be from good, relevant and quality sites, other wise your site may lose its reputation and may not get help from these backlinks.

It is always a tedious task to track your backlinks and you cannot ignore it as you need to have an eye on your backlinks on a regular basis. You need to check your backlinks to find out whether your link building campaign is working up to the expectations, whether any bad sites are linking to you, how many authority sites are linking to you etc. There are many paid and free tools for checking your backlinks and they have different advantages based upon your requirement. Here I would like to mention around 6 Free backlink checking tools that are useful and easy to use.
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5 Tools for Improving Website Speed

Google has officially announced that they have started counting the site speed as a ranking factor, and has already started for US searches. Google is supposed to measure page speed based on the speed at which  a page responds to Google bot and the load time as measured by the Google tool bar. According to Google only fewer than 1%  of search queries are affected by the site speed signal and it doesn’t carry much weight as the relevance of the page. This means that going forward,  the website speed enhancement must be mandatory in all  the Search Engine Optimization strategies and plans.

Here I would like to list 5 of the major tools that are useful for checking and analyzing the speed of websites. I am sure that I have missed other important tools in this list and hope these tools would be enough to evaluate and enhance the speed of your websites.
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New Version Google Global Firefox Extension Released

The new version of Google Global Firefox Extension from RedFly Marketing has been released  with some new features and enhancements. The name of the new version is Google Global Firefox Extension V2.2 and is enhanced with new features and some important changes. I have already posted about this tool in my  earlier blog post and have mentioned about the advantages of  this amazing online marketing tool.
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Google Sets – Another Useful SEO Tool from Google

Google always comes with interesting and useful tools to make the user experience much smoother. Few days before I came across a Google tool, which seems to be very much important for SEO guys. The name of this interesting and simple SEO tool is Google Sets and many of us are not aware of this nice tool. Google sets is another useful and interesting SEO tool which is helpful for keyword research activities.  This tool creates set of items from a few examples.
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