New Version Google Global Firefox Extension Released

The new version of Google Global Firefox Extension from RedFly Marketing has been released  with some new features and enhancements. The name of the new version is Google Global Firefox Extension V2.2 and is enhanced with new features and some important changes. I have already posted about this tool in my  earlier blog post and have mentioned about the advantages of  this amazing online marketing tool.

The Google Global Firefox Extension is an effective add-on which helps you to view how the Google search results for any particular query looks like in different countries. This add-on which works on Firefox browser,  is really simple and so easy to use.  The Google Global Firefox Extension is used to check both the organic and paid search engine results in different geographical locations. This tool bar can be used as a browser tool bar or contextual menu.

This tool is helpful for PPC managers, SEO professionals, webmasters, website owners, business man etc for tracking the performance of their keywords in different locations. Apart from viewing the organic and paid search results in different cities and regions, the tool also opens results from different countries, cities and regions in multiple tabs which makes it easy for comparative studies. You can also view the organic and paid results from different IP addresses, different US ZIP codes, different language results pages along with the option for saving the custom reports for future references.

The new version Google Global Firefox Extension V2.2 has some new features such as sending automatic updates for future releases, performance enhancements, Support for Firefox V3.6 – 3.7 Alpha, bug fixing and an altogether new logo. You can download the new version from here.


  1. says

    Hi George,

    Thanks for the info…

    I was looking for some tool like this.. wasnt aware of this tool…

    Thanks for sharing..


  2. Stuart says

    When are you going to make Google Global work with Firefox 4?

    It has now officially been released, but is showing an incompatible in my add-ons.

    Can you update this? I use it every day!

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