Expect Quality Google Search Results with the New Chrome Extension

Google Chrome has recently launched a new extension named Personal Blocklist extension, which helps to people block sites from their search results. This new Chrome extension is in an experimental phase and is sure to bring out some positive results. Usually in our search results we come face to face with a lot of irrelevant results coming out as a result of content farm or other bad means of promotion.

Google has been trying hard to block these content farm sites and other low quality site from appearing in the search results, in order to increases the quality of its search results. With its latest introduction of the Google Chrome extension, it has set the tone for filtering out the low quality sites from the search results. The new Chrome extension to block websites from Google’s search results can be downloaded from here.

When we install this Chrome extension,  along with the search results you will see an extra link to block a particular website from appearing in the search results. Once You click that link, that particular website would not be displayed in your search results. If you have blocked a particular site by mistake, you can also revoke the blocked sites, by clicking at a link that is provided at the bottom of the search results. After clicking on that link, you can undo your block. You can also undo your block by clicking the extension icon which is provided on the top of the Chrome window. Once you click that icon, you will get a list of sites that you have blocked and you can undo your block from there.

Google Chrome Personal Blocklist extension

Google officials have made it clear that once we block a website from the Chrome browser, the details of the blocked sites are then passed on to Google and Google makes use of this data to further improve the quality of their searches. Google has recently developed a new algorithm to increase the quality of the search results and it would use the data from the Chrome extension to enhance its algorithm and make it more effective and trust worthy. In short,  the Personal Blocklist extension by Google is sure to improve the quality of the search results and many of the low quality sites may lose its rankings and search engine traffic. Only sites with original, relevant and informative contents would be able to make its progress in the search engine results. This would be a great challenge for all the SEO/ search engine optimization experts, but ultimately the users would be able to get the right results from the search engine.


  1. David says

    This is a cool move by Google. I hope that this browser extension can put an end to all those spam results appearing in search results..

  2. George says

    @David @Eric ..This is one of the best step taken by Google and in the future we can see a more filtered and quality search results. @Steve..this features have been rolled out majority of the countries and in the coming days we would all start getting the benefits of this feature.

  3. says

    I think that acting in such a way Google wants to find out opinions of people about search results provided. So, the objective is to provide searches with the most relevant results.

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