Google’s View on Getting Quality Back Links for Your Website

In its latest post in the Google Webmasters Central Blog, Google has shared it most latest views on quality backlink for websites. Google has always opposed getting spammy backlink to your site and webmasters all over the world had some confusion about Google’s stand on quality back links. Most of the site owners measure a sites reputation with its back link numbers and Page Rank.

We can easily increase the number of backlinks, but it is more difficult to increase the number of quality links. Quality links means links from relevant pages having healthy page rank, traffic and reputation. Taking these factors of a quality links, one an assume how difficult it is to get a quality backlink to a website.

The latest blog post by Google Webmasters Central Blog has mentioned its view on getting quality backlinks and these would prove useful for webmaster who have doubts regarding the quality links. I have found some important tips and points that has been mentioned in the blog post regarding Google’s view on quality back links, which are very useful for website owners.

1) Community Participations
Getting involved in social media community sites is one of the best way to gain quality links to your site. For example you can join some selected forums related to your website niche. This helps you to clear your doubts, share your knowledge and help others. At the same time you can promote your website link on your profile page. You have to create your reputation within the forums or social media sites you are participating and once fellow users find your tips and suggestions useful, then you are on right path in driving them to your sites. Since they find your website useful, they might also link back to it as well as recommend to others. In this way you would be able to get quality back links naturally, without any forced link building campaigns.

2) Great, Compelling and Unique Content
This is one the most important factors that affect your back link numbers. If you have a great, compelling and unique content, then your would not find much difficulty in getting quality and relevant backlinks.

3) Creating problem solving content
Users always find websites interesting if it contains content with problem solving related issues. This can be something like tutorials, videos, surveys, tools etc, which would be useful for the users. They might refer this site to other users, which may result in getting some good and genuine back links to your website.

4) Go for Long Term Link Baiting Tactics
There are many easy methods of link baiting tactics, but most of them are short lived which consists spammy methods of acquiring links. So when you think of link baiting always go for long term links, as it enhances your reputation and increases your search engine visibility.

5) Avoid Link Buying and Exchange
As per Google buying links and doing link exchange campaigns are one of the worst methods of link building and it should not be encouraged. One should avoid such methods in order to get better search engine visibility. I have already mentioned about the disadvantages of paid links in one of my earlier posts.

6) Submit in Quality and Niche Directories
Directory submissions in one of the better ways increase your search engine visibility and is highly recommended for new sites. But since there are a large number of low quality directories, it is recommended to submit your site in directories which are relevant to your website’s niche and is of good quality.

7) Study Your Competitor’s back links
It is always a good idea to have make a research on your competitors back links and plan your link building strategy accordingly. That doesn’t mean to copy your competitors back link partners, but you can still make a good link building campaign by studying your competitors back links to some extend.

8) Make Your Site Easy to be Linked
Most of your website visitors need not be people with good technical knowledge and hence it is good to make your site easy to be linked. It can be done by adding social media buttons on your site, so that users can easily link your site by clicking on these buttons.


  1. tcqstore says

    Having a tight budget and online clothing store which is quite unpopular at the moment, I am looking for ways to advertise. Not being convinced by this summary, I went to read the original article published by Google. What they say about link exchange is: ” Buying PageRank-passing links or randomly exchanging links are the worst ways of attempting to gather links and they’re likely to have no positive impact on your site’s performance over time”. The key word is “randomly”. But what about niche online directories, which have a high page rank and thousands of backlinks?

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