7 Useful SEO Tips to Stay Ahead in Search Engine Rankings

SEO strategies, methods and techniques always changes constantly due to the regularly changing search engine algorithms. The SEO techniques that we adopted 6 years ago are entirely different from what we do today. 6 years ago it was really easy to get better rankings by manipulating keywords on the website and by getting some links from other sites with the main keywords as the anchor text. [Read more…]

SEO Basics – How to Do SEO for a Website

Doing SEO for  a website is something that needs to be done with high care and attention. Doing SEO for a website is not a comfortable jobs, as there would always be unexpected challenges and issues which an SEO professional needs to sort it out of his own. Doing SEO for a website is not anything magic, and SEO process includes many sensitive steps and stages which need to carried out in the best way for better results. [Read more…]

SEO Basics – Why You Need to do SEO for a Website?

This is for all those who are new into SEO and would like to state things in  a simple way. For all those who are new to SEO, the major question that arises would be why we need to do SEO for a website.  The question is so simple but this simple question has a lot of right answers depending upon the situation.  The main thing that you need to know is about the real meaning of SEO. SEO or search engine optimization stands for all the activities that is done on a website so that it’s overall ranking in the major search engine increases along with an increased level of traffic to the website.  SEO activities also takes care in making the visitors stick on the website for a longer time by improving the overall user friendliness of the website.
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