SEO Basics – Why You Need to do SEO for a Website?

This is for all those who are new into SEO and would like to state things in  a simple way. For all those who are new to SEO, the major question that arises would be why we need to do SEO for a website.  The question is so simple but this simple question has a lot of right answers depending upon the situation.  The main thing that you need to know is about the real meaning of SEO. SEO or search engine optimization stands for all the activities that is done on a website so that it’s overall ranking in the major search engine increases along with an increased level of traffic to the website.  SEO activities also takes care in making the visitors stick on the website for a longer time by improving the overall user friendliness of the website.
Why You Need SEO for a Website?
Before answering the question, let us think about some common factors. Most of the companies have website on which their services and products are listed for the users to review or purchase. So if a company has created a website and listed its products and services, would it be able to sell or promotes its products and services? The answer to this question do not come in the single words such as “Yes” or “No”.  The answer to this question is that “it is difficult” to promote or sell products and services by simply listing them on a website.

So if you want to promote the content on the website and sell the products and services of that product, then you should come up with a well-planned SEO campaign. Once you do SEO for a website, the content of the website starts appearing in the major search engines when someone searches with keywords that are related to the content on your website. Once your website and its inner pages starts showing for user queries in the major search engines, the chances of people clicking on the results pointing to your website would increase. As a result more and more user traffic would be coming to your website through the search engines, which would in turn increase the chances of selling your products or services to them.

If your site is displaying higher in the search engines, the chances of getting visitors to your website would be higher. So a lot of things are done in order to get your site displayed higher on the search engines and all these efforts are collectively known as search engine optimization or SEO. If you do not do SEO for your website, it would not mean that you will not get any traffic from search engines. If your industry is less competitive, then you would naturally get search engine traffic without doing much SEO. But if your industry is competitive, then your site would not easily display higher on the search engines. So in the latter case the need for SEO is higher and in the former case if we do SEO (even if it is less competitive) we will be getting a much more results in terms of traffic.

The above cases are sufficient enough to provide an answer on why we need to do SEO for a website. SEO is necessary for improved search engine rankings for your website’s major keywords and would help your website reach the  right visitors or customers through various search engines. SEO is one of the best way to market your website online and if done in the proper way, SEO can yield you huge income through your website with little investment. On the other hand, if SEO is not done in the legitimate way, then your website may get penalized by the search engines and you would never get targeted traffic on your website from the search engines.


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