7 Useful SEO Tips to Stay Ahead in Search Engine Rankings

SEO strategies, methods and techniques always changes constantly due to the regularly changing search engine algorithms. The SEO techniques that we adopted 6 years ago are entirely different from what we do today. 6 years ago it was really easy to get better rankings by manipulating keywords on the website and by getting some links from other sites with the main keywords as the anchor text.

Things have changed entirely and the recent updates have really put a halt of the old methods and as  a result SEO professionals are forced to adopt new and different ways of SEO activities to bring websites on the top of search engine rankings. The recent Penguin update has really put a question mark over the old ways of getting backlinks through directory submission, blog commenting, article marketing etc and this has really created a difficult task for SEOs.

But after going through the reviews of recent search engine updates, it seems that in order to get better rankings we need to given attention to some simple but important factors. Once these things are in place, we can really hope for getting better search engine rankings in the most ethical ways. Here are 7 SEO tips that I would like to suggest, for getting better search engine rankings for your website.

1) Make Your Site Content Unique and Different
Content is a major factor that influences your overall search engine rankings and in order to get better results from your SEO campaigns, it is recommended to make the content unique and fresh. The content style should not be the same that is seen on other website; rather the content should offer something different that is not present on any other website. Such unique and different content would easily help in improving the overall reader experience and thereby improved search engine rankings.

2) Make Relevant and Useful Content
As said in the above point, the content on the website should be offering a unique and different experience to the readers or visitors. Apart from that the content on your website should be relevant with the purpose of the website and should be useful and informative to the users. Relevant and useful content has the maximum chances of getting bookmarked, back linked and getting spread virally. So always try to make the content of your website relevant, useful and informative to the users if you are really serious about the search engine rankings for your website.

3) Understand Your Potential Audience
A major mistake that most webmasters do with their website while preparing their SEO plan is that they usually forgets to identify the potential audience. Doing SEO for a website without identifying your potential audience or visitors is actually a waste of time. If you have a clear idea about the potential audience or users for your websites, you could easily plan your SEO activities as per that and yield more results. It would also help you in saving time that you spend promoting your website over irrelevant audiences.

4) Optimize the HTML Tags
Optimizing the HTML tags is also known as the center point of on-page optimization and while doing SEO the HTML tags of your websites are optimized with your potential keywords that can bring traffic to your website. If you optimize your HTML tags in the most ethical way, then half of your work is done. Without optimizing the HTML tags of your website, you cannot stay ahead in the search engine rankings (especially in the case of high competition).

5) Make Your Site Architecture Simple and Clean
Site architecture is another area which is not given utter importance by webmasters or SEO professionals, but the truth is that site architecture plays an important role in the overall success of any SEO campaign. The recent indications by Google has clearly suggested that website with a bad architecture would find it difficult to rank higher in the search engine. So if your site architecture is not simple and clean as per the search engine guidelines, then it is high time that you make it clean and simple to get better results from your SEO activities.

6) Go Social
Social Media sites are places where you can really push out your website content to a much targeted audiences. It also helps to spread your website content in a powerful viral way which in turns gives you huge amount of targeted traffic. Social Media marketing always complements your SEO activities and it is always better to do social media marketing and SEO synchronously. As per the recent search engine algorithm updates, the signals from social media sites would really influence your website’s overall search engine ranking and hence you should never compromise on making your websites go social.

7) Update Content Regularly
Most of us feel that once we put a load of content on our website, we can sit back and relax to see our website’s search engine ranking going higher and higher. But this is a real myth as the search engines always prefer fresh content and if your website’s content is not updated for  a long time, then you would lose a good amount of your website’s search engine ranking. So always inject your website with fresh content to stay ahead in the fierce SEO competition.


  1. says

    I am finally seeing some success with SEO after trying for months. Doing a little bit at a time everyday starts to add up for me. I like the point that this article makes about stressing relevance, this was an important concept for me to learn to set up my title tags properly and write the best content possible.

  2. George says

    SEO is indeed a slow process and requires time and patience to get the desired results and glad to know that you are getting the results. Thanks for posting your comments, Thomas.

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