Some Basic Tips to Enhance Search Engine Visibility of a Website

Today search engines have become a part of our daily routine. When you need to access any information on anything you turn to search engines. Let it be regarding a company, cause, product, web designing, idea, brand, people search in the internet for different information. Also, mostly people search using generic descriptive words while searching online not necessary it should be always the brand name or particular terms. Suppose you have no search engine visibility for those keywords a common man use for your online creative design agency, it is impossible to reach your targeted audience who are looking for content like yours. For the individual who searches, the resulting websites that show in the first page are the major competitors in that field. Hence to build online brand recognition it is essential to have search engine visibility. Below are few techniques that can help you in controlling the search engine to attain first page search results.

a) Optimizing keywords While linking
In search engine principles anchor text has a very high priority, even though Google has put some limits on extensive anchor text linking in their latest update (Penguin Update). Both the user and the search engines get definite information on the data of hyperlink destination from the anchor text. It is good to use as many anchor text keywords while linking pages.

b) Set up Web Analytics software
Installing Google Analytics you will get a picture of traffic patterns and behavior to your website and improve accordingly.

c) Make use of Sitemaps
Utilize sitemaps which is basically a list of pages connecting to a specific website. As per this protocol you can notify Google on the URLs of your website that can be used for crawling and indexing, which may not be discovered by Google otherwise.

d) Utilize Google Webmaster Tools
This tool will let you see your website the way Googlebot visualize it. Google’s Webmaster Tools gives you the information on finding the list of websites linking to yours, finding the queries in which your site is listed as a result, and finding indexed pages in your website and the errors Google found while crawling through your website. Basically they try making your website Google friendly.

e) Publish good quality contents
Websites that produce quality content and publish them frequently is considered as more reliable. Likewise you can increase the content on your website and thereby increasing more indexed pages, that in turn produces more search engine visibility increasing the number of search clicks to your website.

All the above said points are just some of the basic things that are carried out by any organic SEO services company and there are still areas not mentioned here which would add more value to your overall SEO campaign.

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