Some Important Search Engine Ranking Factors to Focus This Year

SEO is constantly evolving and SEOs are really trying hard to maintain the rankings for their website in the major search engine. Every year there would be some key areas where the SEO professionals focus more in order to get better search engine results for their website. In the last one year there has been some major search engine updates and a lot have changed when it comes to ranking your website in the major search engines.

Here are some major important search engine ranking factors that we need to focus this year, so that we do not go down in the search results. These things are applicable for an existing website, a revamped website or a brand new website. Let us have  a look at them.

Reliable Information
The quality of the information provided on the website will be  a decisive factor that determines the search engine ranking of  a website. If content provided on the website should be reliable and trustworthy, you would be getting more references from external sites which would boost your search engine rankings.

Website Authority
Website having enough authority in search engines stands ahead of its competitors and creating authority for your website is a long term job and cannot be achieved overnight. This can be achieved by getting references from relevant external sites, strong social media presence etc.

These days, websites which have a fair amount of branding and reputation easily gets on top of the search engine results. Branding is also something which is achieved through extensive offpage activities on a regular basis. The value you provide through the services mentioned  on your website would also help in getting a decent branding.

Link Popularity
Link popularity is another major criteria which enhances the search engine rankings and it has been holding its importance since a long time. Try building genuine and relevant backlinks from websites which are of high quality and make sure that your link building activities does not look aggressive or spammy.

Anchor Text
The anchor text that you provide on your site or on any external site would also deeply influence your search engine ranking. So while linking your website, make sure that you have provided the best and relevant keyword as the anchor text.

Domain Age
The domain age again plays an important role and it is always easy to optimize and promote domains that are aged, when compared with the new domains. If you have an aged domain, then implementing the basis SEO techniques would help you getting improved search engine rankings.

Site Speed
The site speed also influences your search engine ranking and Google has specifically mentioned about the relation between site speed and search engine ranking in its official blog few months before. You can also see the site speed with Google webmaster tools and do the necessary steps to lower your site speed in order to get better search engine ranking.

Social Media Ratings
A lot of social media sites are there and the presence and ratings of your sites in these social media channels can really help in improving your keyword rankings in the major search engines. So submitting your website content in social media sites and promoting them would result in better search engine ranking for your website.

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