Tips for an Healthy SEO Title Tag

The title tags are the most important ingredient of a website and plays a major role in determining its search engine rankings. So while optimizing a website make sure that you have created and SEO friendly title tag for better ranking. Many of the webmasters fails to recognize the importance of Title tag and they end up getting lower rankings in SERPs. In order to gain better rankings it is always good to optimize your Title tag with your relevant keywords.

Often most of the sites does not perform well even after optimizing the Title tag, or initially they perform but underperforms at a later stage. This is due to many factors but the major being improper optimization of title tags. Many of them land up using wrong and unethical methods for optimizing the title tags of their websites. As a result after the initial bubbles they are seen nowhere in the SERPs.

Here I would like to mention some of the basics things to take care while optimizing your title tags, and are listed below.

1) Stick to 1 or 2 Keywords
Always create your keywords based on 1 or 2 keywords which are most relevant to the pages. You might not be getting better rankings by including a large number of keywords in your title tag.

2) Keyword Relevancy
The keywords present in the title should be relevant to the content of the page.

3) Title Should be Specific
Try to make the Title tags more specific and Short. The Title should shed light on what is included or offered in the page.

4) Include a Sales Pitch
For ecommerce and shopping websites, try to write the Title which has a sales pitch included that prompts a potential buyer to visit the page.

Apart from the above mentioned points there are some things which should be avoided while creating a SEO friendly title tag.

1) Irrelevant Keyword and Title

Avoid using Keywords and title which has no relevancy with the page.

2) Pages with no Title

Make sure that title tags are created for all the pages, whether it be a contact page, privacy policy page etc. But don’t try to stuff your keywords into the titles for contact and privacy policy page. They should contain keywords such as “Contact Us” or “Privacy”. Never allow pages to have titles such as “Untitled” or “New Page”.

3) Duplicate Titles
Never allow duplicate titles to happen in your website as it would harm your ranking very much. All the pages should have unique title tags.

4) Lengthy Titles

Never use too much lengthy titles for your website as most of the search engines reads and displays only upto a particular length of the titles in SERPs.

5) Keyword Spamming
Never try to spam your title by stuffing unwanted keywords in your title as mentioned in the 1st point.

These are some of the points that comes to my mind for creating a good and healthy title tags. If I have missed some point you can post it via comment box, so that I can update it later. Thanks!!


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    I had a website once that had the same title on each page. After reading your article I created unique title tags on each page and the result was magnificient. It is ranked number 2 for his search term. He had not been on the first 50 pages before. Thank you.

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    I had similar problems with the title tags. I had the same titles all over on my self-confidence website. Once I fixed them I started to rank well. Thank you for your help.


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