10 Tips for Making an SEO Friendly Content

SEO friendly content is the most influential ingredient of your website, when it comes to optimizing your websites. There is no point in having a website with a large chunk of content which are not SEO friendly, rather it is always better to have SEO friendly content on your website for better search engine rankings.

SEO friendly content does not mean that you need to tamper the content in such a way that it is good for the search engines only. You cannot ignore the user friendliness of the content while making it more SEO friendly. The best way to create a SEO friendly content is to keep in mind on how search engines view your content, without compromising on the user friendliness. The content should always be for the readers and not totally for the search engines, but you can follow certain guidelines which helps to make the user friendly content more search engine friendly. Here I would like to explain few points which helps you in making your content more SEO friendly.

1) Make the Content More Relevant and unique
Relevant and unique content plays a major role in making the content popular among the search engines.  Rather than writing content for the search engines try to write relevant and unique content which attracts more visitors.

2) Avoid keyword Stuffing in the Content
Over stuffing of keywords in content is an outdated practice followed by many, expecting to rank higher in search engine results page. But this practice do more harm than benefits and should be avoided at any cost. Over usage of keyword stuffing practices may even get your site banned by search engines.

3) Place Keywords Wisely in the Content
Rather than stuffing the keywords in the content, it is always the right placement of the keywords that count in the end. The keyword placement should not look spammy at all and it should be place wisely without changing the sense.  As the search engine spiders reads from top to bottom, it is always good to have your main keywords on the top area of the content.

4) Make proper use of header tags
The header tags also have good influence on your search engine rankings and hence it is healthy to use the header tags such as <H1>, <H2> with your content. When your main keywords are provided as your heading in the Header tags it would help you in getting better search engine rankings.

5) Bolding the Keywords in the Content

Keyword bolding in the content is another way of optimizing the content and making it more SEO friendly. This would enable the search engines to get the keyword notified and provide better ranking. But there is a limit for bolding the keywords in the content and anything above that would be considered as spam.

6) Hyper Linking Keywords in the Content
Hyper linking the keywords in the content can help you in getting better search engine ranking for those particular keywords, provided those keywords are hyper linked to your own site (internal linking)

7) Keep Focus on the Subject of the Content
These days most of the major search engines gives importance to content relevancy and hence we should give utter care in maintaining the relevancy of the content. We should not at any point deviate from the subject and relevancy of our content.

8) Limit the Content Size
It is always better to avoid pages with large content. It is better to write content with small paragraphs and if the content is still too big, you can break the content into different pages.

9) Proper usage of lists and bullets
The usage of list and bullets in the content enhances the overall user experience and is highly recommended. If your content needs to state certain points, then it is always better to use list and bulleting instead of writing the content in a bulky way.

10) Avoid major typos and grammatical errors
Typos and grammatical errors cannot be compromised as it hampers the overall quality of the content and the website. It would also make your website rank lower for the keywords that have typos or grammatical errors. So your content should be error free before making it live.

These are the main 10 tips that I would like to share with your regarding content optimization or making an SEO friendly content. Feel free to comment if I have missed any points and I would surely try to accommodate them.

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