Google Publisher Plugin Beta Released for WordPress

The Google Publisher Plugin released by Google last week is seen as one of the most important step by Google towards making the use and work of Google products from WordPress easier. There was a huge cry by the WordPress users on Google making a WP plugin that can be used with WordPress to make the management of Google product smoother. Last Week Google released the beta version of their official Google Publisher Plugin, which adds a lot of new functionalities and facilities to the WordPress website of various publishers.

Most of the webmasters uses a lot of different types of Google products with their websites and the release of the new Google Plugin for WordPress will indeed help them in getting access to a number of useful Google Products. The plugin is right now a beta version and there are a lot of things that needs to be updated or upgraded to make the plugin more perfect. Google will also rely more on user feedback to make its plugin more perfect and valuable.

In the long run, Google hopes to make this plugin a must to use tool for all the webmasters to make their web management, SEO activities and content publishing more professional and organized. It is highly recommended for all online marketing professionals and webmaster to try out this new WordPress Plugin by Google. As of now the Google Publisher Plugin comes with two important Google products such as Google Adsense and Google Webmaster Tool.

Google Adsense is a Google product that helps you to earn money online by placing Google ads on your website or blog. The new WordPress Plugin by Google allows you to manage your Google Adsense account and WordPress blog in a much better way. The Google Publisher Plugin helps webmasters by linking their WordPress and Adsense account and also makes it easy to place Adsense ads on their WordPress website. This plugin really helps those webmasters who are not comfortable with editing the codes and place the Google ads, rather the plugin itself will do the work for you.

Google Webmaster Tools is also another integral tool for any webmasters and helps in managing and tracking the website’s performance much better. The new Google Plugin helps in verifying the website on Google Webmaster tool in just a single click. This is really a time saving activity for the webmasters and we can say without doubt that the webmasters will be going to love this plugin too much.

If you want to try out this new WordPress Plugin from Google, you can download and install it at the Plugin Directory of

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