Google Webmaster Verification Plugin for Hosted WordPress Blogs

With the launch of the new Google Webmaster Tool verification plugin for hosted WordPress blogs, it has become easier to verify your blog with Google Webmaster tool and that too in a couple of clicks. With this new Webmaster verification plugin, you don’t need to copy paste tokens anymore and new plugin itself calls the Google Webmaster Site verification API to enable the automation of the entire process.

You can directly install the plugin from the control panel of your WordPress blog or you can download the Official  Google Webmaster Verification Pluginfrom the WordPress plugin site. Once you have installed the plugin and verified it with Google Webmaster tool, then you would be able to various search statistics and other vital information about your blog such as the number of subscribers, crawl error, malware details, backlink details etc.

The plugin will work on WordPress 3.0 (or higher), PHP 5.2.0 (or higher), the JSON PHP extensions, and the CURL PHP extensions and it would not work if the mentioned specifications are not met. The installation process is so simple and once you have installed the Google verification plugin on your self hosted WordPress blog, you need to activate it from your control panel. After activating it you need to click the “Start Verification” link which is available under “Settings” on the left side bar.

Google will give permission for the Plugin on the blog via the Google Site Verification API and once it is completed, you would be able to view all the details on your Google webmaster verification tool.

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