AdSense Allows Participation of Google-certified Ad Networks

Google has launched a new capability for Adsense, which allows Google Certified Ad networks to compete directly with Adsense. This means that the Google certified Ad networks would be able to display their ads in the ad space on your website provided by Google Adsense. This is an interesting piece of news and web publishers all over the world would be welcoming this.

Initially this feature was available only to publishers in North America and Europe, but now this is available to all publishers. The participation of Google certified ad network would increase the number of eligible ads that would be displayed on our website. The ad networks participation also brings more relevancy to the ads displayed on the website. This would in turn increase the chances of publishers earning more revenue from their websites.

The system will also generate reports showing the ads that brings more profit to the publisher.  The publisher can also control which ad network should appear on his website by logging into his Adsense account.

Read more at the Adsense blog.

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