How to View Search Engine Results for Different Geographical Regions?



One of the major issue that I faced while rendering services to my foreign client, was the differences in the keyword ranking on Google in different countries. For example, if my client is in the US and when I checked for a particular keyword from India, the keyword was appearing on the 3rd position. The same keyword was appearing at the 5th position in the US, and it created a some issues when sending keyword reports and similar stuffs. I tried some free proxy servers to surf anonymously but at times that also did not give me the exact keyword ranking in US. Usually these free proxy servers turned out to be too slow in loading. So after browsing and searching the net, finally I found out a useful tool, which helps in checking the keyword ranking in various geographical locations.

This tool is known as the Google Global Firefox Extension V2, and is used to view the organic as well as paid results in different geographical locations. This tool works with Firefox and has to be downloaded and installed into your browser. This tool is relatively easy to use and you have the option to use it in 2 ways, either as a contextual menu or as a toolbar in the browser.

Google Global ToolFor example after installing the Google Global tool from the location, consider that you are searching for something in Google and seeing the results in the result pages. Right click on the results page and you would see the “Search Global Option” in the menu. Select this option and select the suitable geographical location that you need to see, and you would be able to see the Google results for that selected geographical region.

To use it as a toolbar in the browser first install it from The steps are as follows.

a) After installing the tool restart the Firefox browser, and click on an empty area on the browser menu area.

b) Click on the Customize button and locate the Google Global icon.

c) Drag the Google Global icon to any suitable place on the browser tool bar.

d) Now you Google Global tool bar is ready for you to use.

Google Global Browser Tool



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