Twitter to Kill off its Old Version

Twitter is one of the most powerful micro blogging and social media site, which is having a large number of users as of present. Twitter is being used for a large number of purposes and is one of the most easy to use social media site. Twitter has finally decided to take off its old version and to migrate completely to the new one.  The old version of Twitter would be killed off this week, which has been revealed in an official tweet.   All the users using the old version of Twitter would be migrated automatically to the newer version.

The new version of Twitter was launched in September 2010 with some improved features and facilities. But since then Twitter had provided the users to switch back to the older version.  Some of the users (including top users)  didn’t find themselves comfortable with the new version of Twitter and as a result they continued using the old version.

The old version was pretty simple and clean and also had a good loading time. But with the new version certain new features got enhanced and  for some users the new version was not as fast as the older version, even though it had some new good features added.   The newer version of Twitter contains some cool integrated multimedia option and Twitter is planning to migrate all its users to the new version.

In my personal experience, ever since Twitter launched its new version in 2010, I shifted to the new one. But after experiencing it for a few weeks, I had to shift to the old version as I didn’t feel much comfortable with the new one. There are also a large number of friends, who also had the same experience.  But now, since Twitter has decided to take off the old version and migrate fully to the new version, we can hope that Twitter adds some more good features so that we feel most comfortable with that.

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