Twitter’s Shortened URL Parsing to Enhance Twitter Search

As per a recent article on the net, Twitter Search would be parsing the shortened URLs and HashTags for enhancing its search results. The URL parsing will help Twitter to discover additional keywords contained in the shortened URLs and help them to give better search results to its users. This would turn to be a major advancement for the content publishers who promotes their contents and live via Twitter.

Earlier only the content in the tweeted text was searchable via Twitter Search. The online publishers who prepared keyword rich content and URLs always had a not so pleasant experience as the keyword rich URLs lost its prominence once it is shortened by a URL shortener. But as per the new advancement Twitter would be returning search terms which are present in the parsed shortened URLs. This would also be beneficial for those who depends on Twitter to a larger extend for online promotion.

Since Google has integrated the real time search results on its result pages, this move by Twitter is sure to yield better rankings for your keywords on Google search engine. Google has already started showing Tweets in their results pages and current URL parsing by Twitter would help Google to show more relevant results for particular search queries.

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