My Tweets Have Disappeared…What is going on with Twitter?

Twitter was down for a some hours few days back and this is considered one of the longest outage time for Twitter. I am not sure why this is happening with Twitter on a regular frequency. Just few minutes before writing this post Twitter was down and created discomfort for regular Tweeters.

When Twitter came back after its outage few days back, many of the Twitter used had many complaints regarding missing Tweets from their Tweet counts. I also had the same problem as I lost almost around 12k of my Tweets which was really a shock for me. But I hoped that I would get back my Tweets back once Twitter settles down. But it has been 3 days since I lost my Tweets and I am yet to recover my lost Tweets.

I am sure that there is something wrong going with the Twitter platform. Either they are facing some technical difficulties or they are performing some upgradation to their current platform. Anyhow they have managed to collect the combined rage of Twitter users worldwide which is really a threatening factor for their reputation. The official reply from Twitter is that this outage is the result of some testing and maintenance which would be fixed soon.

I am not sure whether I would get back my Tweets, but I think that I have to email them regarding this and wait for their response. Do any of you have lost your Tweets. If so please let me know whether you had recovered them or not.


  1. WSW says

    Yup, I have lost about 800++ Tweets since a few days ago and up till now, never got them back. I am getting more anxious. I hope to see my other Tweets back because they’re precious with significant memories.

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