Google to Rank Tweets

It is very interesting to know that Google is ranking tweets which is a welcome news for all those who are involved in online marketing. We all know about Google’s and Microsoft’s deal with Twitter, which enables these companies access to Tweets to enhance the real time search results. As a result Google has started showing Tweets along with its normal search results.

As per the recent news Google ranks Tweets based on the followers of the Tweeter. Google’s Amit Singhal has stated that it is not about the number of followers that one has got, but about the reputation of those followers. He also compares this with the Google’s link popularity, where webmasters try to get links from reputable sources to get more credibility from Google. This is the same with social media sites such as Twitter.  If a user is linked or followed by other reputed users, his reputation is sure to increase.

According to Amit the frequent use of Hash Tags in your tweets should be reduced as the use of Hash Tag is considered  a red flag and decreases the quality of the tweets. The red flagging of Hash Tags also seems to be part of Google’s spam control policy.

Apart from these there are also other strategies for real time search results which are not revealed by Google. It has been said by Google that they also plan to integrate geo-location date into the real time search in the near future. Google is sure to integrate multiple tactics to avoid possibilities of spam and make the real time search results more relevant.

Many of these strategies for the real time search results have its advantages as well as disadvantages. But Google seems to overcome these with its timely updation as it has done in the past. There are a lot of doubts that creep into your mind once you hear about Google’s ranking strategy for Tweets. I also have many doubts that comes into my mind which I would discuss later.


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    Thanks for sharing George. Twitter is a vital component to my online and social media marketing strategy. It is good to hear that Google will be ranking Twitter results. I feel this is very beneficial because of the interactivity of using Twitter on websites especially blogs to elicit responses and encourage participation in the online community. Great post man!


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