It is not the about the Twitter Follower Quantity, but Quality

Twitter is one of the most popular micro blogging and social media platform which is being used by a large number of users. This is one of the most amazing social media platform to share your ideas to a large number of fellow Twitter users. Different people use Twitter for different purpose such as business, information sharing, chit chat etc.
Most of the companies have set up their own Twitter account by now and uses it for Tweeting about their management updates, product updates, major changes, job openings etc.  The companies do hire someone to manage their Twitter account and their main objective would be Tweet major updates via Twitter profile. Most of them tries to acquire as much followers as possible in the belief that their tweets would reach to a wider range of followers.

Even though most of the them manages to get a large number of followers, they are not able to get the expected responses for their tweets.  For example, if a company has 20k followers, then a plain tweet or  a tweet with a link has to get the desired results. But in most of the cases a Tweet with a link hardly gets 5-10 clicks at a time which is really hard to digest. We can say that majority of the users are from different countries and may not be on the system at that time.

If you get a good number of clicks on your tweets on any particular time, then you can say that your followers are responding enough to your tweets. But if you are getting the same number of clicks, i.e 5-10 clicks at all the time, then there are some serious issues with the number of followers in your Twitter profile. There are many other Twitter profiles that I know which hardly has 5k followers but produces 10 times higher clicks for Tweeted URLs when compared with a profile having 20K or more followers.

Some of the major reason behind this may be that your followers might not be relevant, they are not relevant or they are bots. If 19K out of 20K followers falls in these categories, you only have 1K followers and 40% of them might not be online at the time of your Tweet. so you would be able to reach your Tweets to the remaining 60%. Of these 60 % of followers 20% of them misses your tweets due to some other reasons.  In the remaining 40%  a few of them might not be interested to click on your tweeted links while the remaining few manages to click on your links. As a result you would be getting much less clicks than expected.

It may also be a fact that the active followers in your list may not be having an authority profile and as a result even if they retweet your links, it goes unnoticed. So if your followers are having a popular and high authority profile, then you have a better chance of getting your links go viral much easily.

So rather than filling your followers list with unwanted profiles, better to search for relevant, active and high authority profiles and try to get them as your followers. Even if your followers list is small, don’t worry. Make sure that they are interested in your Tweets and don’t make them bored. Also try to get involved in your followers tweets and this would help you in the long run. If your followers are having  great popularity, then it would be much more beneficial for you. In the end, it is not the quantity of your Twitter followers, but the quality that really matters.

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