Google Sets – Another Useful SEO Tool from Google

Google always comes with interesting and useful tools to make the user experience much smoother. Few days before I came across a Google tool, which seems to be very much important for SEO guys. The name of this interesting and simple SEO tool is Google Sets and many of us are not aware of this nice tool. Google sets is another useful and interesting SEO tool which is helpful for keyword research activities.  This tool creates set of items from a few examples.

The Google Sets tool bar consists of 5 text boxes into which we need to enter few items from a set of things. After entering the items press any of the two buttons namely Large Set or Small Set (15 items or fewer). After pressing any of the button Google will help us by predicting other items in the set.

For example type Google, Yahoo and Bing in the boxes provided and click any of the button to see the results. Hope it will give you a more clear cut idea.

Google Sets

After clicking on any of the button the following results would be displayed.

google sets


  1. Vishal Gupta says

    I tried it and found it very useful….. thanks for the information and keeping us updated… Keep up the good work….
    Your Friend

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