How The Ad Impressions are Counted in Google Instant Search

As I have mentioned in my earlier blog post, Google Instant is one of the biggest change in Google’s user interface  and is expected to throw some interesting surprises in the coming days. Google Instant is aimed at making the search more faster and get precise results.

There were many questions and concerns regarding many aspects of Online marketing since the launch of Google Instant.

One of the major question was how the Ad impressions were counted in Google Instant Search. This question was thrown seriously by many of the online marketing professionals and Google was quite generous to provide a simple answer to this question. Google has explained clearly about the way and situations on how the Ad impressions are counted and is listed below.

When someone searches anything using Google Instant, ad impressions are counted in these situations:
1) When a user starts to type a search query on Google and clicks anywhere on the page, an Ad impression is counted. The click can be on a search results, an Ad, a spell correction or a related search.

2) When a users chooses or selects a particular query by pressing the search button, Enter Key or selecting any of the predicted queries.

3) When the users stops typing a query and the results on the pages are displayed for atleast 3 seconds.

The Google Instant search results may cause an increase or decrease on the ad impression level, but Google has recommended to monitor the ad’s performance in the same way that we used to before. Google Instant search results also helps in improving the quality of the clicks as it helps the users by connecting them with the answers they need most.

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