Yet Another New Rich Snippet by Google!!

Google has introduced yet another Rich Snippet yesterday which is sure to enhance your pages on Google’s search results. This new Rich Snippet format is aimed at supporting events. The new snippet will include the links to the specific events along with its date and location, which can help the users in a big way. This new rich snippet is sure to get you more relevant clicks and also helps users to find information more quicker. This would also lift the user experience to new levels.

Google recommends to markup event information using hCalendar microformat standard in the body of a website. Doing this helps Google to identify event information and make it display in the search results. One thing that we need to take care is that just marking up the informations does not guarantee your event information on the search results. This is just in its initial stage and is not available with all the websites and we can expect Google to roll out this feature to more websites in the coming days.Events-Rich-Snippets

As with Google Site Links and Breadcrumbs, the Event links helps you to get more links and clicks from search results page. To markup the event you can use the events documentation provided by Google.

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