3 Ways Google is Expected to Fight Spam Sites in 2011

Google have recently announced that they are going to fight search engine spam much stronger than before. They have been testing various changes which would help in the lowering the spam level. One of these changes is aimed at sites which have no original content or sites which copy content from other sites. They also plan to give options for users to give feedback about spammy and sites with low quality.

As per a recent article that I found on the net, Google is mainly concentrating on 3 major ways by which it could fight the spam sites in 2011 and are listed below.

1) Down Rank the Content Farms
There are a lot of websites with low quality content which have been created with the sole purpose of getting clicks for AdSense ads. Such low quality website would face a hard time in the coming months as they would probable be down ranked by Google.
Google has received a lot of feedback from users regarding the issues with web sites having low quality and spammy content. Such web site with content farms aimed at getting Adsense click may soon lose its ranking on Google.

2) Enabling Users to Tag Other Websites as Spam

Google also plans to provide the users the ability to tag other websites as spam if they find that they are irrelevant. By giving the users the chance to blacklists domains, users might get rid of these irrelevant sites from their own search results.

3) Devaluing Content Cloned Sites

Cloning the content of a website is one of the dirtiest ways that is being used by a majority of spammers in the hope of getting better rankings. As per Google some of the spammers even copied content for their website from Google groups and their sites got higher ranking than the original Google group content.


  1. Jain says

    The content farms are a real shit and this must be held back..otherwise the quality of the search engine result pages would deteriorate in the coming days…


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