How to Report Spam Results to Google

Google search engine is the most popular when it comes to online search and Google is the top search engine available in terms of users and data accuracy. Google has always tried their best to show the most appropriate and relevant data to its users and in the course of time it has made so many major updates in their algorithm to make their search results clean and reliable. Google has equipped its crawler well enough to make the search results more accurate by removing irrelevant data from the search results.

Google’s crawlers try to remove as much spam results as possible, but new ways of spamming the search results are on the rise and at times the crawler could not identify certain spam results and fails to remove them.  Some of the major spam threats to Google search results include Hidden text, hidden links, keyword stuffing, Misleading content, doorway pages, page cloaking page, deceptive redirects,  duplicate site etc.  People do these black hat SEO techniques to get on the top pages in the search results. By creeping into the search results page through unethical SEO tactics, they are actually spoiling the quality of the search results.

This is the area where we need to help Google, by reporting the potential spam in the search engine results page to Google. When we report any search results  that is irrelevant to the search query Google takes note of it and removes the URL from the result page after cross checking and confirming. It would also help Google to equip its crawler to deal with such types of spam in the future.

We can report suspicious spam results to Google by filling Google’s spam report form. We just need to fill in a simple form which ask for details such as the URL of the spam website, the exact keyword query that results in this URL showing up, the Google URL that shows the spam in the search result and the types of problem. We can also add additional details if any and press the button named “Report Spam”.  It is done and Google takes care of the rest. Next time when you come up with a similar situation, don’t hesitate to report it to Google to make Google a better experience.

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