Search Removal Request Form Launched by Google

In its latest move, Google has moved a step forward with the introduction of search removal request form which has come as a boon for both searchers and search marketers. The new search removal request form allows users to submit removal request of the search results about them that they wish to hide from the search engine. As of now the facility is available to users from all the 28 European Union countries and 4 non European Union countries. Any how this would prove to be helpful move from Google atleast for the searchers from the European countries.

The introduction of search removal request form came as a result of the recent ruling from the European Court of Justice which asked Google to provide a way to allow the users to request for their information to be removed from search results. The users who are allowed to use the search removal request form can now request for certain links to be removed from the search engine results page. This will help the users from removing the listings that they do not wish to show on the search engine results any more.

In order to request for URL removal from the search results, one must submit a digital copy of his or her official identification record and there is a drop down option in the search removal request form to select the European country which can avail this facility. You need to provide the full name of the person whose search engine results you wish to remove, your own name and relationship with the person whose search results you wish to get removed.

In the form, there is the option to provide the URL that appears on the search engine results page where the name that is intended to be removed appears. You should also provide explanation regarding why the search result listing is about a particular person and also mention if you are submitting on behalf of anyone else. Clear explanation must be provided on why the link is irrelevant or outdated. You can submit multiple URL request in the form, but you need to provide different explanation and details regarding each.

If you are residing in a country which is a member of European Union and wish to get any URL that provide details about you to be removed he you can avail the form at

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