Now Submit URLs to Google on Demand

Google Webmasters Tool has now introduced a new feature which helps you to ask Google to index your web pages on demand. The new feature comes with the Fetch as Googlebot option in the Webmasters tools which helps you to see  how your web page appears to Google. If there is no issues in fetching your web page, you can see a “Success” status on the same page. Now, you can also see an option saying “Submit to Index” and once you click that button your particular page would be submitted to be indexed by Google.

Once you submit the web page to be indexed by Google, the Googlebot with crawl that ULR within a day. After that Google will consider it for including in their index, but they do not guarantee to index all the submitted URLs. Google would be still using their regular process which they used to imply on the URLs that were discovered before this update.

The new option would come handy for you in many ways. Consider that you have a new site or added some new pages on to your website. Now by using the new feature you can ask Google to find and index the page on demand, when compared with the old way of waiting for Google to discover your page naturally and then indexing them.  This would be helpful for you to speed up the indexing of your website and its pages.

The other case is that you already have a page that is indexed by Google and you have recently made some updates on the same page. Now you would like Google to index the updated content, but you had to wait for Google to crawl in naturally before the new option was launched. With the new option you can submit that pages in Google Webmaster tools and ask and inform Google to index that page.

You can also submit URLs that are already indexed in order to refresh them, say if you’ve updated some key content for the event you’re hosting this weekend and want to make sure we see it in time. It could also help if you’ve accidentally published information that you didn’t mean to, and want to update our cached version after you’ve removed the information from your site.



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