Google’s Breadcrumbs in SERPs

Google’s use of breadcrumbs in the SERPs is another useful element for the webmasters as well as for those who are searching something on Google. Breadcrumbs are usually the hierarchical display that is used to show site navigation. eg. Main Page > Services > Service 1. The use of breadcrumbs in Google’s SERP which was started  a few weeks back is still in its initial stage and is not used with all the URLS.

As far as researches are considered, site architecture will play a major role in the future for obtaining breadcrumbs and Site Links. Having breadcrumbs for your site in the SERPs would increase more visibility to your pages and thereby more traffic. It also helps the surfers to go to the most desired section of the website. In short if you manage to get breadcrumbs for your website in SERPs you will be getting more links and click from the SERPs.

As per Google’s Matt Cutts, a webmaster should try to have a set of delimited links on his site which accurately  reflects the site’s hierarchy. By doing this the website will be having more chances of breadcrumbs appearing in its search results. A lot of webmasters have reported increase in their search engine traffic since breadcrumbs appeared in their search results.

Going forward, it is sure that webmasters would keep the breadcrumbs thing in their mind while designing and planning the architecture of their website. The breadcrumbs would also have a great influence on the SEO of websites and cannot be ignored. So create a website with good navigational structure, breadcrumbs, user interface and expect your site to have the breadcrumbs in the Google SERPs.


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