How to Find Out the Search Terms that Brings Traffic from Adwords

As we all know, Google Adwords is one of the most powerful online marketing tool and is used to generate instant and targeted traffic to a website. Google Adwords helps you to list your website in the sponsored listings of Google search when someone triggers a particular keyword or key phrase.  We can create our own sets of Ad Titles and Descriptions that needs to be displayed in the sponsored listings. We can also provide the keywords that need to trigger the ads on the sponsored listing section of Google Search. Apart from Google search, we can also display our ads in other advertising network supported by Google.

Google Adwords account would help you to analyze a lot of facts and figures related to your ads and keywords. You would be able to know a lot of things about the performance of your website.  You could analyze the multiple data from Adwords and maintain your advertising budget as per that. One of the major things that you might be keen to know about your Adwords campaign is the set of search terms or keyword phrases that brings clicks to your ads. This data would help you to make your online marketing activities more effective and precise.

The knowledge about the search terms that bring clicks to your ads would give you a better idea on which keywords to maintain and which one to remove from your campaign.  You can also add additional related keywords based on the search term data. You can adjust your ad title and its description based on the keywords that are driving more clicks and traffic.

Here are the steps required to find out the search terms that brings clicks or traffic from Adwords.
1) Login to your Adwords Account.
2) Got to any Campaign or AdGroup.
3) Select the tab named “Dimensions“.
4) Click on the drop down menu named “View” on the left hand side of the dashboard of “Dimensions” tab.
5) Select the option “Search Terms” from the drop down list and you are there.

Now you can see a detailed information about the search terms that brings click on your advertisements along with other vital data such as clicks, impressions, match type, CTR, average CPC, cost and average position. You can also see the option to download these reports on to your system.


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