Why To Take Exact Search Types in Google AdWords Keyword Tool

The Google Adwords Keyword tool is one of best free keyword research tool available and can be handy in your SEO campaigns. This keyword tool has come a long way and is widely used all over the world for Keyword Research purposes. The tools gathers important data such as keyword Competition, Global Monthly Searches, Local Monthly Searches,     Local Search Trends, Estimated Average CPC, Ad Share etc. We can also download the keyword research report into a csv file.

There are mainly three keyword match types in this tools and they are Broad Match, Exact Match and Phrase Match. All these different keyword types are meant for different purposes and can be used for your SEO and SEM activities. On an SEO point of view, this tool has proved to be one of the best one and one just need to apply it in the right way.

One of the major mistake that one do while done keyword research on Google AdWords keyword tool is the extensive use of Broad Match type. The broad match type is the default search type and will fetch you a large collection of keyword results that is of no use. If you are searching for the keyword “Audi car” with the broad search you will get a large and broad keyword collections with a combination of the keywords or either keywords in which only one word of the keyword phrase appears. Hence you would be getting a large monthly search value.

Instead if you do the keyword research with Exact search, you would be getting the keyword combination which contains the words “audi” and “car“. In this case you can see a marginal decrease in the monthly search values and this means that the search results is more targeted.
So Exact search type  filters the keyword result for you.  So if you want to get more accurate and targeted results go for the Exact search types.

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