Why You Need to Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Adwords

Google Adwords is a dream tool for any online marketing professional and is used to advertise your website, its products and services on the internet to get more relevant traffic which can result in revenue generation. The traffic coming to your website through Google Adwords is highly targeted and hence the chances of those visitors getting converted are high. Once the visitor starts getting converted by providing their contact details or even making any kind of purchase from your website, you can confidently say that your Adwords campaign is the right track.

I have mentioned about Adwords and its various features in the previous blog posts and now I would like to give a brief idea about another interesting feature of Google Adwords. The feature is commonly known as Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) and this cool feature really helps you to customize your ads based on the search query of users. The DKI option is not just confined to Google Adwords, but is available in the online advertising platforms of Yahoo and Bing.

Consider that you have an add running for one of your leather shoe store. You might be using a variety of keywords related to “leather shoe” and “leather shoe store” and whenever someone types any of these keywords, your ads will be triggered. In your ad, there will be a tile, an ad message and a destination URL and these things generally remain the same for any type of keyword combinations that triggers the ads.

Take the case that when someone types the keyword “leather shoe store” you static ad will be displayed as given below.

Title – Shoe Store Mumbai
Description1 – Shoe store with best brands.
Description2 – Amazing Offer. Buy NOW
Display URL – www.yoursite.com/

But what if the Title, description or the URL are displayed with the search keywords inserted. Such a scenario will make the ad more attractive and noticeable leading into more click. This is where the Dynamic Keyword Insertion comes into play. With the Dynamic Keyword Insertion implemented on the Title and Display URL, you ad will look like the example given below.

Title – leather shoe store
Description1 – Shoe store with best brands.
Description2 – Amazing Offer. Buy NOW
Display URL – www.yoursite.com/leathershoestore

Since the title and the URL of the ads bear the exact keywords used the  user, the ad appear more credible to them and the chances of the visitors clicking on the ad increases. This really improves your click through ratio and note that you can also implement the dynamic keyword insertion technique in your descriptions also. If your click through ratio improves, then you can really hope for better lead conversion or revenue generation from your landing page.

Remember that even though DKI can improve the overall click through ratio, it is not at all feasible with all types of keywords, as at times it can make your Title and ad copy look terrible. If you are using long and broad keywords, then it is highly recommended not to go for dynamic  keyword insertion technique.

How to Implement Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Google Adwords
It is pretty much easy to implement dynamic keyword insertion in your Adwords campaigns and just need to insert a small code tweak in your Ad copy. If you want to make you ad appear as the one in the second example given below, then you need to rewrite your ad as given below.

Title – {keyword:Shoe Store Mumbai}
Description1 – Shoe store with best brands.
Description2 – Amazing Offer. Buy NOW
Display URL – www.yoursite.com/{keyword:ShoeStoreMumbai}

What happens now is that whenever there is a search query that is related to any of the keywords in your Ad group, that keywords will be shown in the Title and the URL. In case the search keywords exceed the character limit of the title, then only the default keyword will be shown. Here the default keyword is “Shoe Store Mumbai” which is mentioned in the string {keyword:Shoe Store Mumbai}.

There are also various options which can help you in capitalization of each keywords that are displayed and you can decide upon whether to provide capitalization for a particular keyword phrases or not. If used wisely the Dynamic Keyword Insertion can yield amazing results and on the other hand if you make small mistakes while implementing Dynamic Keyword Insertion for your Adwords campaigns, it can cost you a lot.


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    Thanks for sharing such a thought provoking post! I was completely unaware of this usage of Adwords and many of us still dint knew about it. I will definitely consider this in my campaign as it is useful and acceptable to increase your Click through ratio.

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