Getting More Traffic with Search Network with Display Select Option from Adwords

Google Adwords is an inevitable online marketing platform for those looking for instant and relevant traffic to their website and even though it is a paid online marketing platform, it can really get you some good traffic without waiting for your SEO activities to catch up with. Even if you are relatively new into the field of internet marketing, you can easily make use of Google Adwords much better.

Google Adwords is an amazing internet marketing tool which has a great user interface that makes it easy to work with and manage. Adwords also provides a high class analytics and reporting feature for you to assess and evaluate your online marketing strategies in a better way. Even if you are not a highly experienced and expert online marketing professional, you will really find it easy to use the Google Adwords platform for your online marketing activities due to its amazing and simple user interface.

There are a lot of features and options available in the Google Adwords dashboard that helps you to fine tune your online advertising campaign for better traffic and results. One of the most basic options that you will find useful is the option which helps you to select the networks where you want your ads to appear. While creating ads for Adwords campaign, you can select either text ads, image ads or text and image ads which solely depend upon the nature of your business. The most basic option is the text ad which will allow you to display text ads related to your website through Google Adwords platform.

While selecting the text ads option, there will be 2 sub options which will specify where you want to display your text ads. The two options available as of now are the “Search Network” and “Search Network with Display Select” option. The former helps to display your ads as sponsored results in Google search results page, where as the latter helps you to display in search networks as well as on the most relevant websites that are related to your business. Remember that your ads will be placed on the relevant websites only if those websites are displaying Adsense ads on them and you will be getting more relevant traffic to your website. The second option is considered to be the most effective as it will display both in search results page as well as display ads in other relevant websites.

Here are the steps that helps you to set up the Search Network with Display Select for your Adwords campaign.

1) Log on to your Adwords account.

2) Select a particular existing campaign from the list provided on the left navigation of your Adwords dashboard.

3) Click on the “Settings” tab provided for that particular campaign.


4) Now you will be on the Campaign Settings page where most probably you can see “Search Network Only – Standard” or any other option as the Type selected.

5) Click on the “edit” link just after the phrase “Search Network Only – Standard”.
6) Now you can see a drop down menu where the “Search Network with Display Select” option is also displayed and just select that option.

7) After this, you can see the “Search Network with Display Select” as your campaign Type.

So this is all about enabling “Search Network with Display Select” option for your Adwords campaign which will improve your overall outreach of your Adwords campaign and fetch you the most relevant and potential clicks and traffic that can lead to a good conversion. Remember that by selecting the “Search Network” option your advertising campaign will be served to a large number of audience, but you cannot leverage the advantage of displaying it on relevant websites where your potential visitors are hanging on. So if you have not yet “Search Network with Display Select” for your Adwords campaign, then do not wait to get it done at the earliest.

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